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Interprofessional Education

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  • Updated:   10/8/2018
  • Contains:  78 items
This collection features articles, reports, and opinion pieces about physicians working with others, especially those in various health professional roles.

Interprofessional Practice and Education in Clinical Learning Environments: Frontlines Perspective

Uhlig, Paul N.; Doll, Joy; Brandon, Kristy; More

Academic Medicine. 93(10):1441-1444, October 2018.

A Model for Catalyzing Educational and Clinical Transformation in Primary Care: Outcomes From a Partnership Among Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics

Eiff, M. Patrice; Green, Larry A.; Holmboe, Eric; More

Academic Medicine. 91(9):1293-1304, September 2016.

Addressing the Interprofessional Collaboration Competencies of the Association of American Medical Colleges: A Systematic Review of Assessment Instruments in Undergraduate Medical Education

Havyer, Rachel D.; Nelson, Darlene R.; Wingo, Majken T.; More

Academic Medicine. 91(6):865-888, June 2016.

A Multidisciplinary Housestaff-Led Initiative to Safely Reduce Daily Laboratory Testing

Iams, Wade; Heck, Josh; Kapp, Meghan; More

Academic Medicine. 91(6):813-820, June 2016.

Training and Assessing Interprofessional Virtual Teams Using a Web-Based Case System

Dow, Alan W.; Boling, Peter A.; Lockeman, Kelly S.; More

Academic Medicine. 91(1):120-126, January 2016.

Reduction of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) in Hospitalized Patients: Aligning Continuing Education With Interprofessional Team-Based Quality Improvement in an Academic Medical Center

Pingleton, Susan K.; Carlton, Elizabeth; Wilkinson, Samaneh; More

Academic Medicine. 88(10):1454-1459, October 2013.

Teaching Population Health: A Competency Map Approach to Education

Kaprielian, Victoria S.; Silberberg, Mina; McDonald, Mary Anne; More

Academic Medicine. 88(5):626-637, May 2013.