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Learning Environment and Its Effect on Learner Wellness and Resilience

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  • Updated:   12/1/2022
  • Contains:  89 items
This collection features articles and reports focused on residents’ and students’ experiences during medical school and residency, especially in regard to how the learning environment affects learner wellness.

Social Support, Social Isolation, and Burnout: Cross-Sectional Study of U.S. Residents Exploring Associations With Individual, Interpersonal, Program, and Work-Related Factors

Leep Hunderfund, Andrea N.; West, Colin P.; Rackley, Sandra J.; More

Academic Medicine. 97(8):1184-1194, August 2022.

Accelerated 3-Year MD Pathway Programs: Graduates’ Perspectives on Education Quality, the Learning Environment, Residency Readiness, Debt, Burnout, and Career Plans

Leong, Shou Ling; Gillespie, Colleen; Jones, Betsy; More

Academic Medicine. 97(2):254-261, February 2022.

Psychological Consequences Among Residents and Fellows During the COVID-19 Pandemic in New York City: Implications for Targeted Interventions

Kaplan, Carly A.; Chan, Chi C.; Feingold, Jordyn H.; More

Academic Medicine. 96(12):1722-1731, December 2021.

The Relationship Between Residents’ Perceptions of Residency Program Leadership Team Behaviors and Resident Burnout and Satisfaction

Dyrbye, Liselotte N.; Leep Hunderfund, Andrea N.; Winters, Richard C.; More

Academic Medicine. 95(9):1428-1434, September 2020.

A Prognostic Index to Identify the Risk of Developing Depression Symptoms Among U.S. Medical Students Derived From a National, Four-Year Longitudinal Study

Dyrbye, Liselotte N.; Wittlin, Natalie M.; Hardeman, Rachel R.; More

Academic Medicine. 94(2):217-226, February 2019.

Medical Student Perceptions of the Learning Environment: Learning Communities Are Associated With a More Positive Learning Environment in a Multi-Institutional Medical School Study

Smith, Sunny D.; Dunham, Lisette; Dekhtyar, Michael; More

Academic Medicine. 91(9):1263-1269, September 2016.

Relationship of Pass/Fail Grading and Curriculum Structure With Well-Being Among Preclinical Medical Students: A Multi-Institutional Study

Reed, Darcy A.; Shanafelt, Tait D.; Satele, Daniel W.; More

Academic Medicine. 86(11):1367-1373, November 2011.

Resilience in the Third Year of Medical School: A Prospective Study of the Associations Between Stressful Events Occurring During Clinical Rotations and Student Well-Being

Haglund, Margaret E.M.; aan het Rot, Marije; Cooper, Nicole S.; More

Academic Medicine. 84(2):258-268, February 2009.