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Sexual and Gender Minorities in Medicine

  • Creator:   Journal Staff
  • Updated:   4/30/2020
  • Contains:  17 items
This collection features commentaries, articles, and reports about trainees, providers, and patients at medical schools and teaching hospitals who identify as sexual or gender minorities.

Sexual and Gender Minority Identity Disclosure During Undergraduate Medical Education: “In the Closet” in Medical School

Mansh, Matthew; White, William; Gee-Tong, Lea; More

Academic Medicine. 90(5):634-644, May 2015.

Do Contact and Empathy Mitigate Bias Against Gay and Lesbian People Among Heterosexual First-Year Medical Students? A Report From the Medical Student CHANGE Study

Burke, Sara E.; Dovidio, John F.; Przedworski, Julia M.; More

Academic Medicine. 90(5):645-651, May 2015.

A Comparison of the Mental Health and Well-Being of Sexual Minority and Heterosexual First-Year Medical Students: A Report From the Medical Student CHANGE Study

Przedworski, Julia M.; Dovidio, John F.; Hardeman, Rachel R.; More

Academic Medicine. 90(5):652-659, May 2015.