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Sexual and Gender Minorities in Medicine

  • Creator:   Journal Staff
  • Updated:   6/9/2022
  • Contains:  21 items
This collection features commentaries, articles, and reports about trainees, providers, and patients at medical schools and teaching hospitals who identify as sexual or gender minorities.

Gendered Expectations: Strategies for Navigating Structural Challenges in Support of Transgender and Nonbinary Trainees in Academic Medicine

Cook, Tiffany E.; Dimant, Oscar E.; Novick, Rebecca; More

Academic Medicine. 95(5):704-709, May 2020.

Sexual and Gender Minority Identity Disclosure During Undergraduate Medical Education: “In the Closet” in Medical School

Mansh, Matthew; White, William; Gee-Tong, Lea; More

Academic Medicine. 90(5):634-644, May 2015.

Do Contact and Empathy Mitigate Bias Against Gay and Lesbian People Among Heterosexual First-Year Medical Students? A Report From the Medical Student CHANGE Study

Burke, Sara E.; Dovidio, John F.; Przedworski, Julia M.; More

Academic Medicine. 90(5):645-651, May 2015.

A Comparison of the Mental Health and Well-Being of Sexual Minority and Heterosexual First-Year Medical Students: A Report From the Medical Student CHANGE Study

Przedworski, Julia M.; Dovidio, John F.; Hardeman, Rachel R.; More

Academic Medicine. 90(5):652-659, May 2015.