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Entrustable Professional Activities

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  • Updated:   12/3/2021
  • Contains:  54 items
This collection features articles, reports, and more on entrustable professional activities or tasks that a faculty member may assign to trainees to execute, unsupervised, once they have shown adequate competence.

Medical Students’ Perspectives on Entrustment Decision Making in an Entrustable Professional Activity Assessment Framework: A Secondary Data Analysis

Caro Monroig, Angeliz M.; Chen, H. Carrie; Carraccio, Carol; More

Academic Medicine. 96(8):1175-1181, August 2021.

Narrative Performance Level Assignments at Initial Entrustment and Graduation: Integrating EPAs and Milestones to Improve Learner Assessment

Schumacher, Daniel J.; Schwartz, Alan; Zenel, Joseph A. Jr; More

Academic Medicine. 95(11):1736-1744, November 2020.

Faculty Development Revisited: A Systems-Based View of Stakeholder Development to Meet the Demands of Entrustable Professional Activity Implementation

Lupi, Carla S.; Ownby, Allison R.; Jokela, Janet A.; More

Academic Medicine. 93(10):1472-1479, October 2018.

Competency-Based Medical Education in the Internal Medicine Clerkship: A Report From the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education Task Force

Fazio, Sara B.; Ledford, Cynthia H.; Aronowitz, Paul B.; More

Academic Medicine. 93(3):421-427, March 2018.

Validity of Level of Supervision Scales for Assessing Pediatric Fellows on the Common Pediatric Subspecialty Entrustable Professional Activities

Mink, Richard B.; Schwartz, Alan; Herman, Bruce E.; More

Academic Medicine. 93(2):283-291, February 2018.

Internal Medicine Residency Program Directors’ Views of the Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency: An Opportunity to Enhance Communication of Competency Along the Continuum

Angus, Steven V.; Vu, T. Robert; Willett, Lisa L.; More

Academic Medicine. 92(6):785-791, June 2017.

Finding a Path to Entrustment in Undergraduate Medical Education: A Progress Report From the AAMC Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency Entrustment Concept Group

Brown, David R.; Warren, Jamie B.; Hyderi, Abbas; More

Academic Medicine. 92(6):774-779, June 2017.

Implementing an Entrustable Professional Activities Framework in Undergraduate Medical Education: Early Lessons From the AAMC Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency Pilot

Lomis, Kimberly; Amiel, Jonathan M.; Ryan, Michael S.; More

Academic Medicine. 92(6):765-770, June 2017.

Constructing a Shared Mental Model for Faculty Development for the Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency

Favreau, Michele A.; Tewksbury, Linda; Lupi, Carla; More

Academic Medicine. 92(6):759-764, June 2017.

Entrusting Observable Practice Activities and Milestones Over the 36 Months of an Internal Medicine Residency

Warm, Eric J.; Held, Justin D.; Hellmann, Michael; More

Academic Medicine. 91(10):1398-1405, October 2016.

Toward Defining the Foundation of the MD Degree: Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency

Englander, Robert; Flynn, Timothy; Call, Stephanie; More

Academic Medicine. 91(10):1352-1358, October 2016.

The Pediatrics Milestones Assessment Pilot: Development of Workplace-Based Assessment Content, Instruments, and Processes

Hicks, Patricia J.; Margolis, Melissa; Poynter, Sue E.; More

Academic Medicine. 91(5):701-709, May 2016.

The Creation of Standard-Setting Videos to Support Faculty Observations of Learner Performance and Entrustment Decisions

Calaman, Sharon; Hepps, Jennifer H.; Bismilla, Zia; More

Academic Medicine. 91(2):204-209, February 2016.

Entrustment Decision Making in Clinical Training

ten Cate, Olle; Hart, Danielle; Ankel, Felix; More

Academic Medicine. 91(2):191-198, February 2016.

The Reliability of Multisource Feedback in Competency-Based Assessment Programs: The Effects of Multiple Occasions and Assessor Groups

Moonen–van Loon, Joyce M.W.; Overeem, Karlijn; Govaerts, Marjan J.B.; More

Academic Medicine. 90(8):1093-1099, August 2015.