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Academic Medicine and the Department of Veterans Affairs

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  • Updated:   3/4/2021
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This collection features articles and research reports from and about VA institutions, highlighting the VA contributions to medical education and research.

Developing Leaders and Scholars in Health Care Improvement: The VA Quality Scholars Program Competencies

Horstman, Molly J.; Miltner, Rebecca S.; Wallhagen, Margaret I.; More

Academic Medicine. 96(1):68-74, January 2021.

Validating Domains of Patient Contextual Factors Essential to Preventing Contextual Errors: A Qualitative Study Conducted at Chicago Area Veterans Health Administration Sites

Binns-Calvey, Amy E.; Malhiot, Alex; Kostovich, Carol T.; More

Academic Medicine. 92(9):1287-1293, September 2017.

A Randomized Trial of a Three-Hour Protected Nap Period in a Medicine Training Program: Sleep, Alertness, and Patient Outcomes

Shea, Judy A.; Dinges, David F.; Small, Dylan S.; More

Academic Medicine. 89(3):452-459, March 2014.

Studying the Effects of ACGME Duty Hours Limits on Resident Satisfaction: Results From VA Learners' Perceptions Survey

Kashner, T. Michael; Henley, Steven S.; Golden, Richard M.; More

Academic Medicine. 85(7):1130-1139, July 2010.

Measuring the Intensity of Resident Supervision in the Department of Veterans Affairs: The Resident Supervision Index

Byrne, John M.; Kashner, Michael; Gilman, Stuart C.; More

Academic Medicine. 85(7):1171-1181, July 2010.

Factors Determining Medical Students’ and Residents’ Satisfaction During VA-Based Training: Findings from the VA Learners’ Perceptions Survey

Cannon, Grant W.; Keitz, Sheri A.; Holland, Gloria J.; More

Academic Medicine. 83(6):611-620, June 2008.