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Academic Medicine and the Department of Veterans Affairs

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  • Updated:   3/4/2021
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This collection features articles and research reports from and about VA institutions, highlighting the VA contributions to medical education and research.

Validating Domains of Patient Contextual Factors Essential to Preventing Contextual Errors: A Qualitative Study Conducted at Chicago Area Veterans Health Administration Sites

Binns-Calvey, Amy E.; Malhiot, Alex; Kostovich, Carol T.; More

Academic Medicine. 92(9):1287-1293, September 2017.

A Randomized Trial of a Three-Hour Protected Nap Period in a Medicine Training Program: Sleep, Alertness, and Patient Outcomes

Shea, Judy A.; Dinges, David F.; Small, Dylan S.; More

Academic Medicine. 89(3):452-459, March 2014.

Studying the Effects of ACGME Duty Hours Limits on Resident Satisfaction: Results From VA Learners' Perceptions Survey

Kashner, T. Michael; Henley, Steven S.; Golden, Richard M.; More

Academic Medicine. 85(7):1130-1139, July 2010.

Measuring the Intensity of Resident Supervision in the Department of Veterans Affairs: The Resident Supervision Index

Byrne, John M.; Kashner, Michael; Gilman, Stuart C.; More

Academic Medicine. 85(7):1171-1181, July 2010.

Factors Determining Medical Students’ and Residents’ Satisfaction During VA-Based Training: Findings from the VA Learners’ Perceptions Survey

Cannon, Grant W.; Keitz, Sheri A.; Holland, Gloria J.; More

Academic Medicine. 83(6):611-620, June 2008.