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Women in Medicine and Science

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  • Updated:   6/10/2022
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This collection, developed in collaboration with the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Group on Women in Medicine and Science, features articles and reports published in Academic Medicine that are focused on the careers, advancement, mentoring, and leadership of women at medical schools.

Using a Community-Based Participatory Approach to Address Gender Equity in Academic Medicine: The Center for Women in Medicine and Science at the University of Minnesota

Berge, Jerica M.; Macheledt, Kait; Watson, Sophie; More

Academic Medicine. 97(3):370-377, March 2022.

“Yes, I’m the Doctor”: One Department’s Approach to Assessing and Addressing Gender-Based Discrimination in the Modern Medical Training Era

McKinley, Sophia K.; Wang, Linda J.; Gartland, Rajshri M.; More

Academic Medicine. 94(11):1691-1698, November 2019.

It Is Time for Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment in Academic Medicine

Bates, Carol K.; Jagsi, Reshma; Gordon, Lynn K.; More

Academic Medicine. 93(2):163-165, February 2018.

Analysis of National Institutes of Health R01 Application Critiques, Impact, and Criteria Scores: Does the Sex of the Principal Investigator Make a Difference?

Kaatz, Anna; Lee, You-Geon; Potvien, Aaron; More

Academic Medicine. 91(8):1080-1088, August 2016.

Programmatic Efforts at the National Institutes of Health to Promote and Support the Careers of Women in Biomedical Science

Plank-Bazinet, Jennifer L.; Bunker Whittington, Kjersten; Cassidy, Sara K.B.; More

Academic Medicine. 91(8):1057-1064, August 2016.

Striving for Gender Equity in Academic Medicine Careers: A Call to Action

Bates, Carol; Gordon, Lynn; Travis, Elizabeth; More

Academic Medicine. 91(8):1050-1052, August 2016.

Sustaining the Clinical and Translational Research Workforce: Training and Empowering the Next Generation of Investigators

Yin, Helen L.; Gabrilove, Janice; Jackson, Rebecca; More

Academic Medicine. 90(7):861-865, July 2015.

The Effect of an Intervention to Break the Gender Bias Habit for Faculty at One Institution: A Cluster Randomized, Controlled Trial

Carnes, Molly; Devine, Patricia G.; Baier Manwell, Linda; More

Academic Medicine. 90(2):221-230, February 2015.