Articles by Larry D. Gruppen

What Regulatory Requirements and Existing Structures Must Change If Competency-Based, Time-Variable Training Is Introduced Into the Continuum of Medical Education in the United States?

Kogan, Jennifer R.; Whelan, Alison J.; Gruppen, Larry D.; More

Academic Medicine. 93(3S):S27-S31, March 2018.

Fostering the Development of Master Adaptive Learners: A Conceptual Model to Guide Skill Acquisition in Medical Education

Cutrer, William B.; Miller, Bonnie; Pusic, Martin V.; More

Academic Medicine. 92(1):70-75, January 2017.

Evaluating the Performance of Medical Educators: A Novel Analysis Tool to Demonstrate the Quality and Impact of Educational Activities

Chandran, Latha; Gusic, Maryellen; Baldwin, Constance; More

Academic Medicine. 84(1):58-66, January 2009.