Articles by Jennifer R. Kogan

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Lifestyle Factors and Primary Care Specialty Selection: Comparing 2012–2013 Graduating and Matriculating Medical Students’ Thoughts on Specialty Lifestyle

Clinite, Kimberly L.; DeZee, Kent J.; Durning, Steven J.; More

Academic Medicine. 89(11):1483-1489, November 2014.

Identifying and Overcoming the Barriers to Bedside Rounds: A Multicenter Qualitative Study

Gonzalo, Jed D.; Heist, Brian S.; Duffy, Briar L.; More

Academic Medicine. 89(2):326-334, February 2014.

Primary Care, the ROAD Less Traveled: What First-Year Medical Students Want in a Specialty

Clinite, Kimberly L.; Reddy, Shalini T.; Kazantsev, Stephanie M.; More

Academic Medicine. 88(10):1522-1528, October 2013.

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