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Factors affecting ratings of clinical teachers by medical students and residents

Irby D M; Gillmore, G M; Ramsey, P G
Academic Medicine: January 1987
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Ratings of clinical teachers in a department of medicine by medical students and residents were examined to determine whether the ratings were systematically affected by the teachers' academic rank, the level of the teachers' involvement with the trainees, the educational level of trainees (student versus resident), and the type of clerkship (elective versus required). Using 4,050 ratings of 430 faculty members and residents, the authors found no statistically significant differences among academic ranks, although the faculty members' teaching effectiveness was rated significantly higher than that of residents. Higher ratings of teaching effectiveness were associated with the teachers' greater involvement with the trainees and with teaching in elective versus required clerkships. The residents consistently rated faculty members higher than the students did.

Created Date: 10 February 1987; Completed Date: 10 February 1987; Revised Date: 18 December 2000

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