Simulation and Virtual Patients in Medical Education

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Updated:   2/15/2017
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This collection features articles about the use of simulation and virtual patients in medical education. The collection includes opinion pieces, historical perspectives, studies examining the effectiveness and fidelity of simulation, and studies using simulation or virtual patients to examine another question or test a hypothesis unrelated to simulation.

Improving Anesthesiologists’ Ability to Speak Up in the Operating Room: A Randomized Controlled Experiment of a Simulation-Based Intervention and a Qualitative Analysis of Hurdles and Enablers

Raemer, Daniel B.; Kolbe, Michaela; Minehart, Rebecca D.; More

Academic Medicine. 91(4):530-539, April 2016.

Educating Resident Physicians Using Virtual Case-Based Simulation Improves Diabetes Management: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Sperl-Hillen, JoAnn; O’Connor, Patrick J.; Ekstrom, Heidi L.; More

Academic Medicine. 89(12):1664-1673, December 2014.

A Study of the Effect of Dyad Practice Versus That of Individual Practice on Simulation-Based Complex Skills Learning and of Students’ Perceptions of How and Why Dyad Practice Contributes to Learning

Räder, Sune B.E.W.; Henriksen, Ann-Helen; Butrymovich, Vitalij; More

Academic Medicine. 89(9):1287-1294, September 2014.

Does Simulator-Based Clinical Performance Correlate With Actual Hospital Behavior? The Effect of Extended Work Hours on Patient Care Provided by Medical Interns

Gordon, James A.; Alexander, Erik K.; Lockley, Steven W.; More

Academic Medicine. 85(10):1583-1588, October 2010.