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Management Series: Mission-Based Management

For the inaugural installment of the Academic Medicine Management Series, the Editors have chosen to focus on the topic of mission-based management. Nine articles from the Academic Medicine archive are presented along with an introduction by William T. Mallon, Assistant Vice President and Director of Organization and Management Studies at the AAMC.

The entire Management Series is freely available to read and download online 

Mallon WT, ed. Academic Medicine, Management Series: Mission-Based Management. Acad Med. 2006.

Introduction: The History and Legacy of Mission-Based Management
William T. Mallon, EdD

Mission-Based Budgeting: Removing a Graveyard
Robert T. Watson, MD, and Lynn J. Romrell, PhD

Looking at the Forest Instead of Counting the Trees: An Alternative Method for Measuring Faculty’s Clinical Education Efforts
Bruce E. Jarrell, MD, David B. Mallot, MD, Louisa A. Peartree, MBA, and Frank M. Calia, MD

Creating a Mission-Based Reporting System at an Academic Health Center
Lydia Pleotis Howell, MD, Michael Hogarth, MD, and Thomas F. Anders, MD

Implementing a Mission-Based Reporting System at an Academic Health Center: A Method for Mission Enhancement
Lydia Pleotis Howell, MD, Michael A. Hogarth, MD, and Thomas F. Anders, MD

Mission Aligned Management and Allocation: A Successfully Implemented Model of Mission-Based Budgeting
Gordon T. Ridley, MHA, Susan E. Skochelak, MD, MPH, and Philip M. Farrell, MD, PhD

Ten-Year Experience with Mission-Based Budgeting in the Faculty of Medicine of Dalhousie University
John Ruedy, MDCM, FRCPC, LLD (Hon), Noni E. MacDonald, MD, MSc, FRCPC, and Brian MacDougall, MHSAC, MA, CHE

Implementing a Simpler Approach to Mission-Based Planning in a Medical School
Tod B. Sloan, MBA, MD, PhD, Celia I. Kaye, MD, PhD, William R. Allen, Brian E. Magness, and Steven A. Wartman, MD, PhD

Aligning Compensation with Education: Design and Implementation of the Educational Value Unit (EVU) System in an Academic Internal Medicine Department
Steven Stites, MD, Lisa Vansaghi, MD, Susan Pingleton, MD, Glendon Cox, MD, and Anthony Paolo, PhD

How Do Medical Schools Use Measurement Systems to Track Faculty Activity and Productivity in Teaching?
William T. Mallon, EdD, and Robert F. Jones, PhD