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Research Report

Association of Surgical Resident Competency Ratings With Patient Outcomes

Kendrick, Daniel E.; Thelen, Angela E.; Chen, Xilin; More

Scholarly Perspective

A 7-Domain Framework That Can Bridge Clinical Care, Health Systems Science, and Health Equity: Lessons From the H&P 360

Williams, Brent C.; Hayer, Rupinder; Henderson, David D.; More

Innovation Report

Entrustable Professional Activities for the Training of Postgraduate Primary Care Pediatricians

Villaizán Pérez, Carmen; Aparicio Rodrigo, María; Kovacs, Akos; More

Research Report

Comparison of the Multiple Mini-Interview and the Traditional Interview in Medical School Admissions: Lessons Learned Using a Hybrid Model at One Institution

Abrams, Madeline; Olvet, Doreen M.; Ellenbogen, Lisa; More

Trainee-Authored Letter to the Editor

Bearing Witness to Grief

Lorenzana, Elena; Fessler, Mary Margaret; Currey, Erin

Research Report

Competency-Based Assessments: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Predict Subcompetency Content

Booth, Gregory J.; Ross, Benjamin; Cronin, William A.; More


Academic Health Centers and Humanitarian Crises: One Health System’s Response to Unaccompanied Children at the Border

Devaskar, Sherin U.; Cunningham, Coleen K.; Steinhorn, Robin H.; More

Research Report

Using Resident-Sensitive Quality Measures Derived From Electronic Health Record Data to Assess Residents’ Performance in Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Smirnova, Alina; Chahine, Saad; Milani, Christina; More

Medicine and the Arts

Commentary on Il Convivio

Perciaccante, Antonio; Ghilardi, Giampaolo; Tambone, Vittoradolfo


The Dobbs Decision and Undergraduate Medical Education: The Unintended Consequences and Strategies to Optimize Reproductive Health and a Competent Workforce for the Future

Stephenson-Famy, Alyssa; Sonn, Tammy; Baecher-Lind, Laura; More

Scholarly Perspective

Increasing the Representation of Black Men in Medicine by Addressing Systems Factors

Poll-Hunter, Norma I.; Brown, Zackary; Smith, André; More