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In Reply to Kates

Dolan, Brigid M. MD, MEd; Green, Marianne M. MD

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doi: 10.1097/ACM.0000000000003775
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We thank Kates for his comments on our article. Although individual assessments are crucial for providing feedback to students and providing data to inform the clinical grade, clerkship grades include a combination of components, including assessments based on clinical performance, knowledge exams, clinical skills exams, and other work products, such as a written note. The author’s experience highlights the need for a shared mental model in how assessments are used to inform grades during the clerkship years and how expert judgment may be applied—whether that occurs through formal evaluation sessions1; clerkship grading committees2; or a system where a sufficient number of observations, raters, and types of assessment limits the bias introduced by one assessment.3

We appreciate Kates’ perspective and note that Bullock and colleagues’ article4 presents additional student perceptions on clerkship grading from 6 institutions. We have found Table 4 in this article particularly helpful in furthering conversations around trust building and assessment.

Finally, we see a common thread through all of these articles: the need for clear communication and transparency regarding clerkship grading and its components for all stakeholders in the process.


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