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Correction: Fostering and Evaluating Reflective Capacity in Medical Education Developing the REFLECT Rubric for Assessing Reflective Writing

doi: 10.1097/ACM.0b013e31824b04c8

In the report by Wald et al 1 in the January 2012 issue, the lists of authors for references 57 and 58 were partially incorrect. The correct references are presented below.

57. Musial JL, Rubinfeld IS, Parker AO, Reickert CA, Adams SA, Rao S, Shepard AD. Developing a scoring rubric for resident research presentations: A pilot study. J Surg Res. 2007;142:304–307.

58. Newman LR, Lown BA, Jones RN, Johansson A, Schwartzstein RM. Developing a peer assessment of lecturing instrument: Lessons learned. Acad Med. 2009;84:1104–1110.


1. Wald HS, Borkan JM, Taylor JS, Anthony D, Reis SP. Fostering and evaluating reflective capacity in medical education: Developing the REFLECT rubric for assessing reflective writing. Acad Med. 2012;87:41–50.
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