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Artist's Statement: Tomales Bay, California, With Sun

Loumbas, Dean G. MSc

doi: 10.1097/ACM.0b013e3181fa475e
Other Features: Cover Art

Mr. Loumbas is a speech-language pathologist residing and working in San Francisco, California.

I am a clinical speech-language pathologist practicing in San Francisco, California. I have worked in a number of academic medical centers as well as large-scale skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers. As part of the rehabilitation unit team treating aphasic patients at these centers, I began to discover, both as a clinician and as an artist, a deeper understanding of the nonverbal levels of communication in such instances when the verbal modalities of expressive language, speech, and voice become impaired or lost.

Another enlightening experience has been forming relationships with colleagues, both within and outside my discipline. I have mentored new speech-language pathology graduates during their clinical practicum postgraduate year in preparation for licensing and national certification while interfacing constantly with physicians, psychologists, social workers, and nurses. Within this continuum of teaching the new graduates, working with patients, and interfacing with other experienced medical professionals, I have been able to broaden my understanding of what I consider the “aphasic experience” of many of my patients. This broader understanding began to transfer to my minimalist-style landscape painting, taking me beyond my previous, more realistic style. It allowed a furrowing of new avenues for expression which whittled away the unnecessary and focused on specific detail, using bold color, line, and texture. I describe my work, which is acrylic on canvas, as “minimalist neoimpressionism.” At the same time, my experiences creating these landscape impressions have increased my understanding of the nonverbal parallels and receptive and expressive language.



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