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Kanter, Steven L. MD

doi: 10.1097/ACM.0b013e31819150c7
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As we near the end of my first year as editor-in-chief of Academic Medicine, I wish to express my appreciation to you for your support of this journal. Each of you has, in some way, helped this publication prosper in the last twelve months, and I thank you all.

For example, many of you are submitting excellent articles, research reports, commentaries, point–counterpoints, Teaching and Learning Moments and Medicine and the Arts essays, and letters to the editor. In 2008, you sent the journal over 25% more manuscripts than last year, and the overall quality seems to get better and better. This is good news for our community as a whole and makes it possible for Academic Medicine to continue to be a primary resource for information and ideas on education and training issues, health and science policy, institutional issues, research practice, and clinical practice in academic settings.

Yet no matter how excellent the journal’s articles and features are, they have their real impact because you take time to read them and use them in your work. You, the journal’s readers, advance the thinking and practice of academic medicine by discussing critically what you have read in the journal, by applying innovations and improvements, by selecting articles, commentaries, and editorials as the focus for journal clubs and professional meetings, and by simply becoming better informed in areas that affect your work.

I extend a special note of thanks to those of you who review submitted articles. I and the journal’s staff depend on you for the in-depth, informative, and authoritative insights you give us about the manuscripts we receive. And for those authors who have been asked to revise their manuscripts, your reviews frequently provide the major guidance in that process.

Those of you who serve on the journal’s editorial board give me invaluable advice, and your individual and collective ideas help Academic Medicine become an even better resource. And I am equally grateful to the members of the journal’s oversight committee. Your wise counsel keeps the journal on a steady course.

My special gratitude to the leaders of the AAMC for your efforts to ensure the journal’s editorial independence while being available at any time to answer questions, give guidance, and offer advice. Your dedication to the journal clearly reflects the AAMC’s commitment to maintain a high-quality, scholarly publication. I believe this commitment is one of the most important things the Association does to advance knowledge of the principles, policy, and practice of research, education, and patient care.

And, very importantly, I thank all of you who are members of the journal’s professional editorial staff. Every day you apply remarkable energy, expertise, and enthusiasm to ensure the journal’s quality and production and to explore new ways for the journal to grow and develop. (I am especially grateful for your efforts to keep me on-track!) I enjoy working with you and look forward to our continued partnership next year.

Because all of you mentioned above have given so much, 2008 has been a good year and much has been accomplished. But there is more to be done. In 2009, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the journal under the name Academic Medicine, we will continue to publish high-quality, peer-reviewed content and critical commentary. Also, we will begin to publish articles that offer analytic projections of the future of selected disciplines in medicine and biomedical science. We will, as we have since January of this year, provide a monthly electronic summary of the journal’s content called “What’s New in Academic Medicine.”* In response to many reviewers’ comments, we will unveil a new and improved manuscript review form. I will work with the journal’s staff to continually examine and upgrade journal policies and procedures, especially with regard to publication ethics. We will focus and refine the journal’s new features. And, of course, we will continue to be interested in your comments and suggestions, which you can submit via ([email protected]).

It is a privilege to work with all of you to serve the academic medicine community as editor-in-chief of Academic Medicine. Thank you again for all that you do. I look forward to the coming year.

Steven L. Kanter, MD

*This electronic table of contents (e-TOC) is available at no cost to anyone with an e-mail address. If you would like to receive it, please e-mail ([email protected]). If you wish to see an archive of previous e-TOCs, go to (
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I will post a copy of this review form on Editor’s Notepad ( so that it is available not only to reviewers but to prospective authors as well.
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