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Other Features: Correction


doi: 10.1097/01.ACM.0000341967.74542.38

In the article by Parker et al. in the August 2008 issue of Academic Medicine,1 there are the following corrections:

In the abstract: In paragraph 3, the next-to-last sentence should read Most of these related to “responsibility/reliability” (46.7%) and “participation” (41.9%); 12.4% related to “honesty/integrity.”

In the report: On p. 738, column 3, the sentence that now begins “Thirty-four reports …” should be replaced with “As indicated by Figure 2, of the 291 needs assistance reports, a significant percentage involved concerns in more than one category.”


1 Parker M, Luke H, Zhang J, Wilkinson D, Peterson R, Ozolins L. The “pyramid of professionalism”: Seven years of experience with an integrated program of teaching, developing, and assessing professionalism among medical students. Acad Med. 2008;83:733–741.
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