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The authors of “Exploring and Embracing Complexity in a Distance-learning Curriculum for Physicians”1 acknowledge that they were remiss in not recognizing the critical sources of support and guidance that greatly benefited the innovative curriculum reported in their article. They acknowledge the significant contribution from the Office of Acdemic Affiliations of the Department of Veterans Affairs, which is the sponsor and supporter of the VA National Quality Scholars Fellowship Program. Also, they wish to note that during the preparation of this work, two of the authors, Drs. Foster and Ogrinc, were fellows in the VA National Quality Scholars Fellowship cohort that graduated in June 2002, and that Dr. Batalden is the director of the Fellowship Program.

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1. Ogrinc G, Splaine ME, Foster T, Regan-Smith M, Batalden P. Exploring and embracing complexity in a distance-learning curriculum for Physicians. Acad Med. 2003;78:280–5.
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