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The winter meeting of the editorial board was held January 22, 2002, in Chicago. Managing editor Lisa Dittrich and editor-in-chief Michael Whitcomb described the accomplishments of the journal in the past year as well as future goals. The board was also presented with the results of a readership survey conducted by Bloomberg & Associates and an analysis of journal subscribers/recipients by David Witter, vice president of the Office of Enterprise Devel-opment at the Association of American Medical Colleges. Recent accomplishments include a reduction in the length of time to get authors decisions about submissions (from 90 days to 60 days) and the creation of new features designed in part to make more effective use of “white space.” These new features include “Teaching and Learning Moments” and “Books of Note.” Goals include the implementation of Rapid Review, a Web-based manuscript tracking and processing system, enhancing the journal's Web site, updating the decade-old mission statement, and publishing more theme sets of articles and research reports. The board offered several suggestions for themes to consider and suggested a commentary to unify each set. The board also discussed ways to follow up on the findings of Bloomberg & Associates and David Witter to better reach our target audience. Board members also encouraged the editorial staff to strengthen the review system and to bring new reviewers into the reviewer pool as we continue to implement a more streamlined and efficient review and decision-making system. As always, readers' comments and suggestions are valuable to us, and we encourage readers to respond to the issues covered at the editorial board meeting. Send your comments to 〈[email protected]〉 or to the Editor, Academic Medicine, 2450 N Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037.

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