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Valentino J; Donnelly, M B; Sloan, D A; Schwartz, R W; Haydon, R C 3rd
Academic Medicine: February 1998
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PURPOSE: To measure the agreement among faculty members about the importance of items on a checklist used to grade an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) station. METHODS: Six faculty members rated the importance of 47 items for an OSCE station in which students took the history of a patient with sore throat and hoarseness. RESULTS: Of the 47 items, the raters independently identified 15 items as very important. The reliability of each individual rater was fair (averaged value of alpha = .63.) The reliability of the mean rating of the six raters was high (alpha = .91). CONCLUSIONS: The results strongly suggest that when a group of faculty members cooperatively identifies the important items to be included in an OSCE checklist, the reliability of the checklist is superior to one created by a single author.

Created Date: 19 March 1998; Completed Date: 19 March 1998; Revised Date: 23 March 2001

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