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Haist S A; Wilson, J F; Brigham, N L; Fosson, S E; Blue, A V
Academic Medicine: February 1998
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PURPOSE: To see whether fourth-year medical students can teach the physical examination to first-year students as effectively as can faculty preceptors. METHOD: Ninety-three first-year students studying the physical examination were randomly assigned to one of ten fourth-year student preceptors or one of 15 faculty preceptors. Test results and course evaluations were compared by type of preceptor. Fourth-year student preceptors were surveyed regarding their experience. RESULTS: The mean test scores did not differ between the first-year students with fourth-year student preceptors and those with faculty preceptors. The first-year students rated the fourth-year student preceptors higher than they did the faculty preceptors. The fourth-year students rated their experience favorably. CONCLUSION: A select group of fourth-year medical students provides a successful alternative to faculty in the teaching of the physical examination to first-year students.

Created Date: 19 March 1998; Completed Date: 19 March 1998; Revised Date: 18 December 2000

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