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Hensel W A; Rasco, T L
Academic Medicine: August 1992
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Storytelling is not widely accepted as a teaching method in medical education, sometimes for valid reasons that are explained by the authors. Yet clinician-teachers who choose and tell stories appropriatelyespecially if these are stories of their own clinical experiencescan stimulate their students to examine their values and attitudes in ways that would be hard or impossible to achieve by other methods. The present article, which contains a story of the type advocated, shows how storytelling can help students and residents discuss and overcome their crises of professionalization and come to grips with the troubling aspects of the doctor-patient relationship. The authors maintain that storytelling allows educators to bring the discussion of values and attitudes to where students are most likely to appreciate and understand the messagethe clinical encounter.

Created Date: 17 September 1992; Completed Date: 17 September 1992; Revised Date: 02 October 2002

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