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Ende J; Atkins, E
Academic Medicine: August 1992
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Several recent developments affecting graduate medical education (GME) have kindled an interest in curriculum. For the most part, however, GME curriculum is being conceived in terms of behavioral learning objectives. The authors find this approach to curriculum ill-suited for the reality and complexity of housestaff training. Several other approaches are considered but none, they conclude, fits well with the mission of GME. Instead, they propose a more comprehensive experiential conception of curriculum for GME. This approach stems from an experiential learning paradigm and a commitment to curriculum as an expression of valued activities rather than of predetermined objectives. Taking as an example a curriculum for an ambulatory care block rotation, the authors show how an experiential curriculum can be developed and how it can be used to frame the residents' rotation, including patient care and didactic program.

Created Date: 17 September 1992; Completed Date: 17 September 1992; Revised Date: 18 December 2000

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