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Reuben D B; Fink, A; Vivell, S; Hirsch, S H; Beck, J C
Academic Medicine: June 1990
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To determine how well geriatrics has been integrated into residency training, the authors surveyed a random 33% sample of all the 378 family practice (n = 126) and 420 internal medicine (n = 140) training programs in the United States in 1988. All the programs responded. On average, the internal medicine programs had more geriatrics faculty than did the family practice faculty, but these numbers were insufficient to meet current or future needs. Fewer than half of the residencies had geriatrics inpatient or ambulatory-care evaluation units, geriatrics consult services, geropsychiatry wards, or geriatrics clinics available as training sites. In contrast, nursing homes were available for 93% of the family practice programs and 58% of the internal medicine programs. A total of 80% of the family practice programs but only 36% of the internal medicine programs had geriatrics curricula in place. The authors conclude that integration of geriatrics content into residency training is far from universal, largely because of a shortage of faculty and clinical training sites.

Created Date: 24 August 1990; Completed Date: 24 August 1990; Revised Date: 18 December 2000

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