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Thibodeau L A; Berwick, D M
Journal of Medical Education: December 1980
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Over 13 weeks during two periods in 1978 the diagnostic rate for acute otitis media was monitored among febrile children (aged one to five years) in the emergency room of a large children's hospital. Of the total 228 eligible children, 53 (23 percent) were diagnosed as having otitis media. The observed variation in the weekly diagnostic rates was significantly (p < .005) greater than that expected if the diagnosis rate were a constant 23 percent. Temporal variation in diagnostic rates was largely attributable to differences among individual providers and independent of level of training. For junior residents short-term learning, within the seven-week emergency room rotation, contributed significantly to the week-to-week temporal variation in diagnostic rates for acute otitis media.

Created Date: 17 March 1981; Completed Date: 17 March 1981; Revised Date: 18 December 2000

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