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Women's History Month Collection

  • Updated:   2/28/2023
  • Contains:  33 items
Celebrating Women’s History Month. AASLD is committed to promoting gender diversity and equality in the field of hepatology. This collection showcases research focusing on the unique health needs of women as it relates to the specialty.

Skeletal muscle mass to visceral fat area ratio as a predictor of NAFLD in lean and overweight men and women with effect modification by sex

Cho, Yoosun; Chang, Yoosoo; Ryu, Seungho; More

Hepatology Communications. 6(9):2238-2252, September 2022.

Sex and Menopause Modify the Effect of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Genotypes on Fibrosis in NAFLD

Wegermann, Kara; Garrett, Melanie E.; Zheng, Jiayin; More

Hepatology Communications. 5(4):598-607, April 2021.

Role of sex in liver tumor occurrence and clinical outcomes: A comprehensive review

Toniutto, Pierluigi; Shalaby, Sarah; Mameli, Laura; More

Hepatology. : January 03, 2023

The key role of hepatology providers in optimizing reproductive care in patients with liver disease: A call to action

Kardashian, Ani; Kushner, Tatyana; Au, Jennifer S.; More

Hepatology. : January 03, 2023

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Pregnancy Outcomes After Living Liver Donation: A Multi‐Institutional Study

Sonnenberg, Elizabeth M.; Lee‐Riddle, Grace S.; Walls, David O.; More

Liver Transplantation. 27(9):1262-1272, September 2021.