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​​​​​​​​​​​Kidney360 Collections

There are three different types of Kidney360 content collections: Special Collection, Article Type Collections and ASN Journals’ Collections. Each collection is automatically updated as new content is published.

ASN Journals’ Collections

These collections contain articles from all three ASN journals.

  • COVID-19: contains original research articles related to COVID-19Coming soon!
  • COVID-19: In Context: contains contextual articles such as Global and Patient Perspectives, Feature Articles, Reviews, and Editorials Coming soon!
  • Best of ASN Journals 2021: CJASN, JASN & Kidney360 Collection: presents the high-impact articles that were discussed by the respective journal editorial teams during the “Best of ASN Journals: CJASN, JASN & Kidney360” session at Kidney Week 2021. These articles delve into pharmacoepidemiology, effects of public policy on patient care, the move from genome-wide association studies locus to disease understanding, social determinants of diseases, and new insights in the management of hereditary kidney diseases and AKI.
  • Disparities and Workforce Diversity Collection: includes research addressing societal inequities in the care and treatment of patients with kidney diseases
  • Kidney Disease and Diabetes Collection: reflects the rich contributions to new knowledge on this disease published in CJASN and JASN Coming soon!
  • Pediatric Nephrology Collection:​  includes articles on severe AKI in children, prognostic factors with ANCA-associated kidney vasculitis in children, pediatric kidney transplants and more
  • SGLT-2: discusses the benefits, risks, mechanisms of action, and clinical applications of SGLT2 inhibitors

Special Collections

Each year the Kidney360 editors create a series of articles on a particular topic or topics. The complete series, or collection, is built over time.

  • Basic Science - This collection highlights Kidney360’s ever-expanding body of basic science research articles.
  • Buttonhole Cannulation - Many opinions abound about Buttonhole Cannulation - this series addresses them all.
  • Clinical Research Methods - This series provides overviews of, and commentaries on different clinical methods for practicing clinicians.
  • Global Perspectives: Dialysis - This series, with contributions from around the world address how different countries address dialysis management and funding.
  • Global Perspectives: Acute Kidney Injury - This series of Global Perspectives provides detailed information on how different countries address AKI. It explores epidemiology of AKI, organizational structure of hospitals and ICUs, diagnosis, prevention, and more.
  • Global Perspectives: Transplantation​ - How different countries manage the process and implementation of kidney transplantation is the focus of this collection of articles from around the world.
  • Debates in Nephrology​ - A variety of controversial issues in nephrology are debated in this series of articles. - Coming soon!

Article Type Collections

There are multiple article type collections including Original Research, Patient Perspectives, Clinical Images in Nephrology & Dialysis and more.  For complete descriptions of each, consult the Original Research and Invited Materials descriptions.

  • Clinical Images in Nephrology and Dialysis - These educational articles contain images illustrating a challenge as well as two to three key teaching points.
  • Editorials - focus on significantly important Original Investigation articles and highlight key issues of the subject area and on the importance of the information in the Original Investigation article.
  • Original Investigations- Multiple topics are included in this category including Acute Kidney Injury and ICU Nephrology, Clinical Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation, and more.
  • Patient Perspective - These articles are written by patients and focus on issues in nephrology from their perspective.
  • Perspectives - Perspective articles address topical issues, controversies, recent scientific developments or novel observations relevant to any aspect within the broad compass of Nephrology and hypertension, basic science, public policy and more.
  • Review Articles - Summaries and interpretations of existing literature on topics of interest to clinical nephrologists and clinical investigators make up the corpus of Review Articles.

If you are interested in contributing an article to Kidney360, please see the Information for Authors page or contact Virginia Ramsey, Managing Editor at: [email protected]