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The Indian Menopause Society (IMS-India) was formed in 1995. The Indian Menopause Society is a national society committed to fostering the comprehensive well-being of mature and elderly Indian women. Over the years it has grown and currently it has 41 chapters and about 2700 members in India. IMS-India collaborates academically with various global organizations such as the International Menopause Society (IMS), the North American Menopause Society (NAMS), the Asia Pacific Menopause Federation (APMF), the British Menopause Society (BMS), European Menopause & Andropause Society (EMAS) and the South Asian Federation of Menopause Societies (SAFOM) and conducts sessions at annual meetings. The society celebrates world Menopause month, on the theme of International Menopause society every year.

IMS conducts public forums at all chapter levels, and publishes a health magazine “Poise” for the community. The society provides a common forum for medical and other interested health professionals from all disciplines of medicine and health for cutting edge research in the field of menopausal medicine. In this evolving field, the IMS updates its members through its journal “The Journal of Mid Life Health”, CME’S and consensus documents. IMS also conducts the IMS Practitioner Credential Exam, 4 Zonal Conferences in a year. For promoting young talent, a national quiz for postgraduates during annual conference is conducted regularly. For undergraduate students and also CDs are available for general practitioners.

Every year the Indian Menopause Society takes up a theme decided by its president and organizes academic and public awareness programs throughout India, focusing on the theme. IMS documentary film “Sumangala” brings current accessible medical information along with life style measures to cope up with menopausal transition - a unique guide for this ‘rite of Passage’. Various chapters run educational programs & workshops on various clinical issues.

The IMS Slogan 2016

The IMS activities are special, as through club35 it also spreads holistic approach and deals not only with the ailments of aging but touches the mental and emotional issues too. The common bond that holds the IMS together is its sensitivity, patience and dedication towards the well-being of an adult woman. The slogan of IMS is “Fit @ Forty Strong @ Sixty, and Independent @ Eighty”. The slogan is self-explanatory and the colors convey the state of mind and body. Red excites, and attributes to dynamism and fitness. Blue is a stable and dependable color inspiring confidence, commitment and peace. Green represents nature and is refreshing, healing and signifies a baggage free qualities of a free spirit. IMS has its central office at Hyderabad. For details visit