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The Italian Society for Cardiovascular Echography (SIEC) is a non profit scientific organisation, founded in 1973 and is today the official association for approximately 3000 Italian Physicians and Sonographer paying members who are interested in Echography and cardiac imaging. It is certified for ISO 9000 Vision 2000 according to the Bureau Veritas requirements. The mission is to promote progresses of cardiovascular imaging in the scientific, clinical and organizative fields; to provide the medical and technical community with live events and courses, certifications, accreditations and CME courses; to indicate the pathways in cardiac imaging. It organizes every second year the most important Italian international meeting on cardiac imaging. Moreover, the SIEC keeps direct scientific interface with the European Association of Cardiac Imaging (branch of ESC), sharing part of the members and many teaching and editorial initiatives.

The SIEC runs the Journal of Cardiovascular Echography from 1988 (formerly in Italian “Giornale Italiano di Ecocardiografia”) and it is basically the mouthpiece of this Society, collecting papers from members and non-members in the scientific and organizative field of cardiovascular imaging. This interaction is intended in continuing to expand the reputation of SIEC as an organization dedicated to the advancement of echocardiography and cardiac imaging.