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Original Article - Basic Research

Activation of Hippo Pathway Damages Slit Diaphragm by Deprivation of Ajuba Proteins

Gilhaus, Kevin; Cepok, Claudia; Kamm, David; More

Research Letters: Dialysis

Risk Tolerance in the Setting of Wearable Dialysis Devices: A Patient Preference Study Using the Threshold Technique

Flythe, Jennifer E.; Forfang, Derek; Harris, Raymond C.; More

Original Article - Meta-analysis

Change in Albuminuria and GFR Slope as Joint Surrogate Endpoints for Kidney Failure: Implications for Phase 2 Clinical Trials in CKD

Heerspink, Hiddo J.L.; Inker, Lesley A.; Tighiouart, Hocine; More

Original Article - Basic Research

Transcriptional and Clonal Characterization of Cytotoxic T cells in Crescentic Glomerulonephritis

Mueller, Anne; Zhao, Yu; Cicek, Hakan; More

Original Article - Basic Research

Potassium Activates mTORC2-dependent SGK1 Phosphorylation to Stimulate ENaC: Role in Rapid Renal Responses to Dietary Potassium

Saha, Bidisha; Shabbir, Waheed; Takagi, Enzo; More

Basic Research

Expression of Class II Human Leukocyte Antigens on Human Endothelial Cells Shows High Interindividual and Intersubclass Heterogeneity

Béland, Stéphanie; Désy, Olivier; El Fekih, Rania; More

Basic Research

Organ Protection by Caloric Restriction Depends on Activation of the De Novo NAD+ Synthesis Pathway

Späth, Martin R.; Hoyer-Allo, K. Johanna R.; Seufert, Lisa; More

Clinical Research

Genome-Wide Association Study in Acute Tubulointerstitial Nephritis

Zhou, Xu-Jie; Su, Tao; Xie, Jingyuan; More

Clinical Research

Comprehensive Associations between Acidosis and the Skeleton in Patients with Kidney Disease

Levy, Rebecca V.; McMahon, Donald J.; Agarwal, Sanchita; More

Clinical Research

The Effect of Magnesium Supplementation on Vascular Calcification in CKD: A Randomized Clinical Trial (MAGiCAL-CKD)

Bressendorff, Iain; Hansen, Ditte; Schou, Morten; More

Basic Research

Chronic Kidney Disease Is Characterized by Expansion of a Distinct Proinflammatory Intermediate Monocyte Subtype and by Increased Monocyte Adhesion to Endothelial Cells

Cormican, Sarah; Negi, Neema; Naicker, Serika D.; More

Clinical Research

A Clinical Workflow for Cost-Saving High-Rate Diagnosis of Genetic Kidney Diseases

Becherucci, Francesca; Landini, Samuela; Palazzo, Viviana; More

Research Letters

Pathogenicity of Human anti-PLA2R1 Antibodies in Minipigs: A Pilot Study

Reinhard, Linda; Wiech, Thorsten; Reitmeier, Aline; More

Clinical Research

Novel Genetic Variants Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease Progression

Han, Miyeun; Moon, Sungji; Lee, Sangjun; More

Basic Research: Chronic Kidney Disease

Genomic Disorders in CKD across the Lifespan

Verbitsky, Miguel; Krishnamurthy, Sarathbabu; Krithivasan, Priya; More