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​Editorial Fellowship Team

The JASN Editorial Fellowship Program, which started in March of 2019, matches early career scientists, junior faculty or senior trainees with one of our Associate or Deputy Editors for a two year mentorship program. This valuable program introduces the fellows to the important editorial processes involved in publishing peer reviewed papers. The fellows also bring their own valuable expertise to our editorial team and keep us current in the field of nephrology.

During the program, Editorial Fellows participate in all our editorial processes, including the editorial review of manuscripts and the development of editorial policy. Fellows, alongside their mentoring Editor, work to carefully read assigned manuscripts, select appropriate reviewers, and assess the content and quality of the reviews. They discuss reviews of each paper with the Editor, a dialog that leads to the development of a final recommendation.

2021-2023 Editorial Fellows

Alexander L. Bullen, MD
San Diego California

Osama El Shamy, MD
Nashville, Tennessee

Edouard L. Fu, BSc, PhD
Boston, Massachusetts

Andrew F.C. Malone, MB, BCh, BAO, MD
Saint Louis, Missouri

Bairbre McNicholas, MB, PhD
Galway, Ireland

Jordan G. Nestor, MD
New York, New York

Chethan M. Puttarajappa, MD, MS
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Stefanie Steiger, PhD
Munich, Germany

Stephanie M. Toth-Manikowski, MD, MHS
Chicago, Illinois

Parker C. Wilson, MD, PhD
St. Louis, Missouri

2022-2024 Editorial Fellows

Michael S. Balzer, MD
Philadephia, Pennsylvania

Craig R. Brooks, PhD
Nashville, Tennessee

Jorge F. Giani, PhD
Los Angeles, California

L. Parker Gregg, MD, MSCS
Houston, Texas

Ashima Gulati, MD, PhD
Washington, DC

Georgina Gyarmati, MD, MPH
Los Angeles, California

Syed Ali Husain, MD, MPH, MA
New York, New York

Andrea G. Kattah, MD, MSc
Rochester, Minnesota

Andreas Kronbichler, MD, PhD
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Nils Lindstrom, PhD
Los Angeles, California

Stephanie M. Toth-Manikowski, MD, MHS
Chicago, Illinois

Parker C. Wilson, MD, PhD
St. Louis, Missouri