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Indian Public Health Association is a Professional organization, which is working for the interest of Public Health for more than 50 years. The then Union Health Minister Smt. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur inaugurated the association in presence of large number of national and international dignitaries of public health on 29th September 1956. The leaders of public Health, at that time, who paved the way for the success were Dr. B. C. Roy, Chief Minister of West Bengal, Lt. Col. C.K. Lakshmanan, Director of All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Dr, K. C. K. E. Raja, Director General of Health Services, New Delhi, Dr. B. C. Dasgupta, Director of Health Services, West Bengal and Mr. T. Lakshminarayanan of Madras and many others. It now has nearly 5500 members throughout the country and abroad. Indian Journal of Public Health is the official publication of the association and is an indexed journal - circulated to 6000 members & subscribers all over the country and abroad. Indian Journal of Public health publishes special issues on important aspects of public health with the sponsorship of Govt. of West Bengal, UNICEF, Govt. of India, Care India, WHO & ICMR. These special issues are of immense academic value and have been widely circulated and accepted.

In the recent past, the association has been involved in conducting educational and research activities on important public health issues like Home Hygiene, NRHM, Hand washing, Breast Feeding (Unicef), Nutrition (Unicef), RCH (WHO), Nutrition (DST, W. Bengal) Measles elimination (Unicef), Immunization and Maternal Coverage Evaluation Survey (Unicef), HIV/AIDS Manual for Pvt. Practitioner (WBSAP&CS), Study of Adolescent Nutrition in West Bengal, An assessment of strength and weaknesses of rural health care delivery system in West Bengal, An evaluation of NGO out reach work in PPTCT programme in Andhra Pradesh across the country.