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Indian Journal of Nephrology is a bimonthly publication of the Indian Society of Nephrology (ISN). IJN publishes manuscripts that present high quality clinical research relevant to the broad area of nephrology, dialysis, organ transplantation and critical care. The journal does not charge for submission and processing of manuscripts. IJN’s content also includes solicited review articles, case reports, letter to editor, images and commentaries. Manuscripts need to be submitted ONLY through online process of submission on IJN considers the following categories of manuscripts:

  • Original Articles are full length papers that address research questions with exhaustive study design and methodology.
  • Reviews of basic and clinical topics of interest to the readership will be solicited by the editors. Unsolicited reviews will not be considered. In case you wish to contribute a review, it is a desirable to check with the editor-in-chief before submitting one.
  • Case reports describing interesting or uncommon clinical cases with educational values are welcomed. Case reports submitted with a review of literature, also conform to rules of case reports.
  • Letters to the editor containing interesting observations and comments on the articles published in the journal are welcome for publication. The replies to such letters will also be published as and when received from the authors. Letter can be submitted for an issue unlinked to published article also.
  • Images which are uncommonly seen in clinical practice and are of educational value are invited for publication. It should be accompanied with description of image as well as its clinical interpretation with differential diagnosis for the reader.
  • Commentary is invited by the editorial office on the article published for the same issue of IJN.

Requirements for different types of manuscripts accepted by IJN are as follows. Number of pages includes abstract, references and table etc.:


Word Limit

Including references and abstract

No of References

No of Tables

No of Figures

Abstract word limit

Original Article






Case Report






Letter to Editor





Not required






Not required

Review Article











Not required






Not required

Review Process  

Manuscripts will be first evaluated by editorial team and if found appropriate, will be send for peer review process to at least two referees. Manuscripts that are outside the range of interest of IJN readership or that fail to satisfy the technical requirements would be rejected and promptly returned to authors without further review. Manuscript returned for technical modifications must be returned back within one-week time. The rejected manuscript would be destroyed. Manuscripts returned to authors for modification after external review should be returned back to the editorial office as early as possible but not later than 1 months. The editorial board reserves the right to assess suitability of the language, modify the text, improve the photographs to enhance clarity of presentation without affecting the message being conveyed by the article.

​Manuscript preparation

All manuscripts should be typed double spaced on standard A-4 size paper format. Cite references and figures by Arabic numbers in the text. All weights and measures must be given in metric units. Avoid use of full stops in the middle of abbreviations (ECG, not E.C.G.). All clinical trials must be registered and the name of the registry where the trial was registered should be provided.


All pages of the manuscript should be numbered consecutively beginning with the title page.


There should be following FIVE files related to manuscript:


1.  Covering letter

2.  Title page

3.  Main body of manuscript

4.  Figure(s)

5.  Copyright form


I.Covering letter

  • Manuscript should be accompanied with a submission letter by the corresponding author addressing to editor-in-chief. It should also include
    • description of why the paper should be considered for publication
    • each authors contribution statement
    • any prior publication or ‘under consideration’ for publication of the manuscript
    • Conflict of Interest statement: IJN requires authors to divulge any relationships with pharmaceutical firms or other entities (e.g., employment contracts, consultancy, advisory boards, speaker bureaus, membership of Board of Directors, stock ownership) that could be perceived to represent a financial conflict of interest. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to collect disclosures from every coauthor and report all conflicts to IJN. If the authors have no conflicts, please state, “Conflict: None”.
    • any other relevant information

II. Title Page

Title page must be separate from the cover letter and main file. It should be arranged as follows and include:

  • Type of article (whether original manuscript or case report etc.)
  • Title: The title should not exceed 100 characters including spaces between words. Do not use abbreviations in the title.
  • Authors: Type the full names (First, middle and last name), highest academic degree and affiliations of all authors.
  • Corresponding author: Designate a corresponding author and provide address, telephone number, fax and email.
  • Running title: Provide a running title of not more than 40 characters.
  • 3-5 key words for indexing purpose
  • Page count of manuscript
  • Words count of abstract
  • Number of tables and figures

III. Main File


Main body of file should start with title of the manuscript and abstract on same page. Main file should be arranged as follows:


1.   Abstract

  • The abstract should be structured into four paras; introduction, methods, results and conclusions.
  • It should be less than 250 words.
  • Abbreviations should be avoided.
  • There should not be any reference

2.  Introduction

  •   Introduction should describe the background knowledge, lacunae in the knowledge and why the present study was undertaken. 
  •   It should be brief and not too long.
  •   Recent references should be provided, including Indian citations.

3.  Methods

  •   In original article, particularly in trials, it should include design of the study, setting, inclusion criteria, exclusion criteria, primary and secondary end point, intervention and sample size calculation.
  •   Method used if already established then a reference is sufficient. Otherwise method should be described in detail.
  •   It should include statistics applied in the study.
  •   It MUST include statement related to ethical clearance of the study. Even in retrospective studies, it is desirable to take ethical clearance from the institution.

4.  Results

  •   For parameter estimates (e.g., relative risks, hazard ratios), use 95% confidence intervals whenever possible rather than P values.
  •   Do not use “NS” for P values; provide the actual P values.
  •   P values should have only two significant decimal places, however, lower values (e.g., 0.002) are acceptable.
  •   Values smaller than 0.001 should be listed as <0.001.

5.  Discussion and conclusions

  •   Discussion should be relevant to the aims and results of the study
  •   Author should restrain from drawing conclusions which cannot be drawn from the study or were not the aims of the study.

6.  Acknowledgement & funding source

  •   It is desirable to acknowledge the persons who have not significantly contributed in conduct of the study, rather than including them as co-author.
  •   Source of funding of study with its reference should be mentioned in this section

7.  References

  •   References should be numbered in the order of appearance in the text in Arabic format.
  •   Reference number in the text should be typed as ‘superscript without parenthesis’. 
  •   Citation of unpublished observations or personal communications (include permission to quote from appropriate individual) should be placed in the text in parenthesis.
  •   Author can download a PowerPoint presentation on common reference styles and using the reference checking facility on the manuscript submission site.
  •   References of various types should be mentioned as follows:

a.  Journal article
Author(s). title. journal, year of publication; volume: page numbers. Example: Curtis JJ, Luke FIG, Jones P and Diethelm AG. Hypertension in cyclosporine-treated transplant recipients is sodium dependent. Am J Med 1988; 85:134 138. ALL AUTHORS MUST BE MENTIONED INSTEAD OF USING ET AL.


b.  Abstract
Yoo KH, Norwood VF, Chevalier RL. Regulation of angiotensin II AT 1 and AT2 receptors in neonatal unilateral ureteral obstruction (Abstract). J Am Soc Nephrol 1995;6:1035.


c.  Chapters in Book
Author(s), chapter title, book title, edition, editor(s), city of publication and publishers, year, page. Example: Broune WE. The immunobiology of different types of renal allograft rejection, in Contemporary issues in Nephrology, Renal transplantation, ed. Milford EL, Brenner BM, Stein JH, New York. Churchill, 1989 p 45 -96.


8.  Tables

  •   All tables should be in ‘word document’ format in the main body of manuscript after the references.
  •   Each table should have a title and be numbered in Arabic in the order of appearance in the text.
  •   Use superscript letters to indicate footnotes typed at the bottom of the table.
  •   All abbreviations used in the table should be elaborated below the table to make table self-interpretable.

9.  Figure legends

  •   Figure legends should come on a separate page
  •   Legends should state degree of magnification or scale bars should be used on the photograph. 

IV.  Figures

  •   Each figure should be send online separately and not as part of main file. It also should not be pasted in the text of file.
  •   Figures must be of professional quality.
  •   Figures should be high resolution (300x300 dpi) in tif or bmp format. (Do not senf jpg or gif files).

V.  Copyright form


The scanned copy of copyright form, duly signed by all authors MUST be uploaded at the time of manuscript submission. Please note that manuscript processing cannot begin until this form is submitted. 

VI. Protection of Patients' Right to Privacy

Identifying information should not be published in written descriptions, photographs, sonograms, CT scans, etc., and pedigrees unless the information is essential for scientific purposes and the patient (or parent or guardian, wherever applicable) gives informed consent for publication. Authors should remove patients' names from figures unless they have obtained informed consent from the patients. The journal abides by ICMJE guidelines:


1) Authors, not the journals nor the publisher, need to obtain the patient consent form before the publication and have the form properly archived. The consent forms are not to be uploaded with the cover letter or sent through email to editorial or publisher offices.

2) If the manuscript contains patient images that preclude anonymity, or a description that has obvious indication to the identity of the patient, a statement about obtaining informed patient consent should be indicated in the manuscript.

VII. Animal Experimentation: For all animal experimentation described in the manuscript, IJN requires that authors state in the Methods section their adherence to the guidelines issued by ICMR, see

Other Instructions

1.        Use ONLY generic names of drugs.

2.        Define all abbreviations at the first use in the manuscript.

3.        The abbreviations used for name of a particular journal should be according to Index Medicus/Medline.

4.        Use ALL conventional unit in the manuscript and DO NOT use SI units

Contact Information

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal
Indian Journal of Nephrology
Department of Nephrology
AIIMS, New Delhi-29, INDIA


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