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Established in 1999, the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating excellence and driving innovation in medical services. At its core, the Award recognizes and honors exceptional scientists whose contributions have significantly improved the field of medicine through a diverse range of international, regional, and local awards.

Emphasizing the importance of scientific research, the Award has established the "Medical Research Grant" program. This program takes a forefront role in funding local health research projects within the UAE. Additionally, in 2012, the "Hamdan Medical Journal" was introduced as a concise and publication, serving as a platform for publishing diverse articles as original research, case reports and review articles  and facilitating continuous medical education across all areas of medical and health sciences.

Recognizing the need for specialized knowledge and resources, the Award founded the Centre for Arab Genomic Studies in 2003. This pioneering initiative has led to the creation of the Catalogue for Transmission Genetics in Arabs (CTGA), which has evolved into one of the world's largest and most comprehensive genetic disorder databases specific to the Arab population.

Furthermore, the Award actively promotes continuing medical education by organizing and sponsoring various Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities. These initiatives are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest advancements and best practices in the medical field.

Through its unwavering dedication to medical excellence, scientific research, and educational initiatives, the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences continues to make a profound impact on the healthcare landscape. By fostering collaboration, recognizing achievement, and supporting valuable research endeavors, the Award contributes significantly to improving medical services and the overall well-being of individuals and communities.


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The Hamdan Medical Journal (HMJ) is a quarterly, online, peer-reviewed, and open access scientific medical journal. Since 2012, it serves as a dedicated platform for young authors who are eager to engage in the publication process, aiming to support and guide young healthcare professionals, researchers, and students in their initial ventures into scientific publishing across various domains of general medicine. While its scope as well as its Editorial Board is international, the journal places a particular emphasis on the Eastern Mediterranean and Gulf region.

In addition to fostering the growth of aspiring authors, HMJ also serves as a valuable resource for continuous medical education. It accomplishes this by featuring state-of-the-art reviews that facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experiences to healthcare workers in the region. By combining these two essential aspects, the journal strives to contribute to the advancement of medical research, promote academic excellence, and facilitate the dissemination of valuable insights throughout the medical community.‚Äč