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​The Pediatric Cardiac Society of India came into existence in 1999. At that time only a handful of cardiologists and cardiac surgeon numbering about a dozen were focusing exclusively on pediatric cardiac care. The society was created recognizing the urgent need to develop the specialty in India. The major goals of the society were to promote the growth and development of pediatric cardiac care in India and to improve awareness about diagnosis and management of heart diseases in children among pediatricians. The society was unique in that it included all facets of pediatric heart care – pediatric cardiology, cardiac surgery, anesthesia and intensive care. The first annual conference was held at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi in 1999. Apart from the annual conferences several CME programs for pediatricians have been conducted all over the country.

The last few years have been significant for pediatric heart care in India. The society has contributed substantially to the improved awareness about the unique requirements for taking care of children with heart disease. The specialty of pediatric cardiology is now recognized as a distinct specialty. Training programs are now established in many major centers in the country. The number of centers with dedicated pediatric heart care facilities has increased and the there has been a substantial increase in the number of operations and interventional procedures being performed for children with congenital heart disease. However, a lot more needs to be done for children with heart disease in India. Major challenges today include the need to improved access to pediatric heart care in vast areas of central, eastern and north-eastern parts of India, continued efforts towards improving quality of care, obtaining reliable epidemiologic information and, addressing the substantial shortfall of pediatric cardiac professionals, especially cardiac surgeons.