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Mapping red blood cell phenotypes in Malaysia: A tool to overcome transfusion challenges for providing phenotype blood

Musa, Rozi Hanisa; Ahmad, Nor Hafizah; Muniandi, Gunaseelan; More

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Quality assessment of platelet concentrates prepared by platelet-rich plasma, buffy-coat, and apheresis methods in a tertiary care hospital in South India: A cross-sectional study

Toora, Esha; Kulkarni, Rajendra G.; Manivannan, Prabhu; More

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Red blood cell alloimmunization among rhesus D-negative patients in a teaching hospital in Northeastern Malaysia

Shaari, Noorazlina; Hassan, Mohd Nazri; Mohd Noor, Noor Haslina; More

Original Article: PDF Only

Intraoperative blood loss and blood transfusion requirement among liver transplant recipients: A national single-center experience 2020

Yusop, Mohd Faeiz; Tahir, Norlida Mohamad; Azim, Sharifah Mai Sarah Syed; More

Original Article: PDF Only

Identification of molecular alleles of Kell, Kidd, and Duffy in multi-transfused patients with undetermined phenotypes: An approach to reduce alloimmunization

Salem, Dalia Diaa ElDine; Habashy, Dina Mohamed Mohamed; ElSayed, Heba-TAllah Nader; More