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DHRS9 Is a Stable Marker of Human Regulatory Macrophages

Riquelme, Paloma; Amodio, Giada; Macedo, Camila; More

Transplantation. 101(11):2731-2738, November 2017.

Updated International Consensus Guidelines on the Management of Cytomegalovirus in Solid-Organ Transplantation

Kotton, Camille N.; Kumar, Deepali; Caliendo, Angela M.; More

Transplantation. 96(4):333-360, August 27th, 2013.

Expanding the Toolkit for the Study of Allospecific B and T Cell Responses

Higdon, Lauren E.; Maltzman, Jonathan S.

Transplantation. 101(11):2661-2662, November 2017.

The Impact of Liver Graft Injury on Cancer Recurrence Posttransplantation

Li, Chang-Xian; Man, Kwan; Lo, Chung-Mau

Transplantation. 101(11):2665-2670, November 2017.

Taking Kidneys for Granted? Time to Reflect on the Choices We Make

Wong, Germaine; Howell, Martin; Patrick, Ellis; More

Transplantation. 101(12):2812-2813, December 2017.

Acute Ischemia Induced by High-Density Culture Increases Cytokine Expression and Diminishes the Function and Viability of Highly Purified Human Islets of Langerhans

Smith, Kate E.; Kelly, Amy C.; Min, Catherine G.; More

Transplantation. 101(11):2705-2712, November 2017.

Transplant Center Volume and the Risk of Pancreas Allograft Failure

Alhamad, Tarek; Malone, Andrew F.; Brennan, Daniel C.; More

Transplantation. 101(11):2757-2764, November 2017.

KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline on the Evaluation and Care of Living Kidney Donors

Lentine, Krista L.; Kasiske, Bertram L.; Levey, Andrew S.; More

Transplantation. 101(8S):S7-S105, August 2017.

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Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis With Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Pilot Study

Orozco, Lluis; Munar, Anna; Soler, Robert; More

Transplantation. 95(12):1535-1541, June 27th, 2013.

Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism: The Role of Global Professional Ethical Standards—The 2008 Declaration of Istanbul

Danovitch, Gabriel M.; Chapman, Jeremy; Capron, Alexander M.; More

Transplantation. 95(11):1306-1312, June 15th, 2013.

Practical Recommendations for Long-term Management of Modifiable Risks in Kidney and Liver Transplant Recipients: A Guidance Report and Clinical Checklist by the Consensus on...

Neuberger, James M.; Bechstein, Wolf O.; Kuypers, Dirk R.J.; More

Transplantation. 101(4S):S1-S56, April 2017.

Hepatic Artery Thrombosis After Liver Transplant: Not A Surgical Problem?

Pomposelli, James J.

Transplantation. 100(11):2251, November 2016.

Advancing Transplantation: New Questions, New Possibilities in Kidney and Liver Transplantation

Wadström, Jonas; Ericzon, Bo-Göran; Halloran, Philip F.; More

Transplantation. 101(2):S1-S42, February 2017.

Proximal Blockade of Complement: A “Neoclassical” Approach to Prevent Antibody-Mediated Rejection

O’Neill, Natalie A.; Pierson, Richard N. III

Transplantation. 101(10):2271-2272, October 2017.

Gender Equity in Transplantation: A Report from the Women in Transplantation Workshop of The Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand

Dwyer, Karen M.; Clark, Carolyn J.; MacDonald, Kelli; More

Transplantation. 101(10):2266-2270, October 2017.

Everolimus Is Associated With Less Weight Gain Than Tacrolimus 2 Years After Liver Transplantation: Results of a Randomized Multicenter Study

Charlton, Michael; Rinella, Mary; Patel, Dharmesh; More

Transplantation. 101(12):2873-2882, December 2017.

Normothermic Perfusion in the Assessment and Preservation of Declined Livers Before Transplantation: Hyperoxia and Vasoplegia—Important Lessons From the First 12 Cases

Watson, Christopher J.E.; Kosmoliaptsis, Vasilis; Randle, Lucy V.; More

Transplantation. 101(5):1084-1098, May 2017.

Humoral Reactivity of Renal Transplant-Waitlisted Patients to Cells From GGTA1/CMAH/B4GalNT2, and SLA Class I Knockout Pigs

Martens, Gregory R.; Reyes, Luz M.; Butler, James R.; More

Transplantation. 101(4):e86-e92, April 2017.

Liver Transplantation for Alcoholic Liver Disease

Addolorato, Giovanni; Bataller, Ramón; Burra, Patrizia; More

Transplantation. 100(5):981-987, May 2016.

Interpreting Anti-HLA Antibody Testing Data: A Practical Guide for Physicians

Schinstock, Carrie A.; Gandhi, Manish J.; Stegall, Mark D.

Transplantation. 100(8):1619-1628, August 2016.

The Use of an Acellular Oxygen Carrier in a Human Liver Model of Normothermic Machine Perfusion

Laing, Richard W.; Bhogal, Ricky H.; Wallace, Lorraine; More

Transplantation. 101(11):2746-2756, November 2017.

International Liver Transplant Society Practice Guidelines: Diagnosis and Management of Hepatopulmonary Syndrome and Portopulmonary Hypertension

Krowka, Michael J.; Fallon, Michael B.; Kawut, Steven M.; More

Transplantation. 100(7):1440-1452, July 2016.

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Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis With Allogeneic Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Vega, Aurelio; Martín-Ferrero, Miguel Angel; Del Canto, Francisco; More

Transplantation. 99(8):1681-1690, August 2015.

Organ Transplantation: An Introduction to Game Theory

Skaro, Anton I.; Hazen, Gordon; Ladner, Daniela; More

Transplantation. 99(7):1316-1320, July 2015.

Kidney Paired Donation Protocol for Participating Donors 2014

Richardson, Robert; Connelly, Maureen; Dipchand, Christine; More

Transplantation. 99:S1-S88, October 2015.

Incidence of Posttransplantation Diabetes Mellitus in De Novo Kidney Transplant Recipients Receiving Prolonged-Release Tacrolimus-Based Immunosuppression With 2 Different...

Mourad, Georges; Glyda, Maciej; Albano, Laetitia; More

Transplantation. 101(8):1924-1934, August 2017.

Public Solicitation of Anonymous Organ Donors: A Position Paper by the Canadian Society of Transplantation

Fortin, Marie-Chantal; Buchman, Daniel; Wright, Linda; More

Transplantation. 101(1):17-20, January 2017.

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Impact of Antibodies That React With Liver Tissue and Donor-Specific Anti-HLA Antibodies in Pediatric Idiopathic Posttransplantation Hepatitis

Hirata, Yoshihiro; Yoshizawa, Atsushi; Egawa, Hiroto; More

Transplantation. 101(5):1074-1083, May 2017.

BK Polyomavirus and the Transplanted Kidney: Immunopathology and Therapeutic Approaches

Lamarche, Caroline; Orio, Julie; Collette, Suzon; More

Transplantation. 100(11):2276-2287, November 2016.

The Democratization of Genomic Inquiry Empowers Our Understanding of Nephrotic Syndrome

Sampson, Matthew G.

Transplantation. 101(12):2814-2815, December 2017.

The International Liver Transplantation Society Living Donor Liver Transplant Recipient Guideline

Miller, Charles M.; Quintini, Cristiano; Dhawan, Anil; More

Transplantation. 101(5):938-944, May 2017.

Molecular Imaging of Acute Cardiac Transplant Rejection: Animal Experiments and Prospects

Chen, Yihan; Zhang, Li; Liu, Jinfeng; More

Transplantation. 101(9):1977-1986, September 2017.

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