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Vouchers for Future Kidney Transplants to Overcome “Chronological Incompatibility” Between Living Donors and Recipients

Veale, Jeffrey L.; Capron, Alexander M.; Nassiri, Nima; More

Transplantation. 101(9):2115-2119, September 2017.

Liver Transplantation in the Obese Cirrhotic Patient

Spengler, Erin K.; O’Leary, Jacqueline G.; Te, Helen S.; More

Transplantation. 101(10):2288-2296, October 2017.

Long-term Outcomes of Kidney Transplantation in Patients With High Levels of Preformed DSA: The Necker High-Risk Transplant Program

Amrouche, Lucile; Aubert, Olivier; Suberbielle, Caroline; More

Transplantation. 101(10):2440-2448, October 2017.

Harnessing Advances in T Regulatory Cell Biology for Cellular Therapy in Transplantation

Lam, Avery J.; Hoeppli, Romy E.; Levings, Megan K.

Transplantation. 101(10):2277-2287, October 2017.

Is There a Role for mTOR Inhibitors in Renal Transplantation?

Zaltzman, Jeffrey Steven

Transplantation. 101(2):228-229, February 2017.

Strategies for an Expanded Use of Kidneys From Elderly Donors

Pérez-Sáez, María José; Montero, Núria; Redondo-Pachón, Dolores; More

Transplantation. 101(4):727-745, April 2017.

32 Doses of Bortezomib for Desensitization Is Not Well Tolerated and Is Associated With Only Modest Reductions in Anti-HLA Antibody

Moreno Gonzales, Manuel A.; Gandhi, Manish J.; Schinstock, Carrie A.; More

Transplantation. 101(6):1222-1227, June 2017.

Management of Patients who Receive an Organ Transplant Abroad and Return Home for Follow-up Care: Recommendations From the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group.

Domínguez-Gil, Beatriz; Danovitch, Gabriel; Martin, Dominique E.; More

Transplantation. ., Post Acceptance: October 11, 2017

Gender Equity in Transplantation: A Report from the Women in Transplantation Workshop of The Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand

Dwyer, Karen M.; Clark, Carolyn J.; MacDonald, Kelli; More

Transplantation. 101(10):2266-2270, October 2017.

Insights in Transplanting Complex Pediatric Renal Recipients With Vascular Anomalies

Chandak, Pankaj; Kessaris, Nicos; Callaghan, Chris J.; More

Transplantation. 101(10):2562-2570, October 2017.

The Emerging Importance of Skeletal Muscle Function in Assessing Candidates for Transplantation

Walsh, James R.; Chambers, Daniel C.; Hopkins, Peter M.A.

Transplantation. 101(9):1967-1968, September 2017.

Intensive Care Solely to Facilitate Organ Donation—New Challenges

Opdam, Helen

Transplantation. 101(8):1746-1747, August 2017.

High Intrapatient Tacrolimus Variability Is Associated With Worse Outcomes in Renal Transplantation Using a Low-Dose Tacrolimus Immunosuppressive Regime

Whalen, Henry R.; Glen, Julie A.; Harkins, Victoria; More

Transplantation. 101(2):430-436, February 2017.

Kidney Paired Donation and the “Valuable Consideration” Problem: The Experiences of Australia, Canada, and the United States

Toews, Maeghan; Giancaspro, Mark; Richards, Bernadette; More

Transplantation. 101(9):1996-2002, September 2017.

Rapid Discontinuation of Prednisone in Kidney Transplant Recipients: 15-Year Outcomes From the University of Minnesota

Serrano, Oscar Kenneth; Kandaswamy, Raja; Gillingham, Kristen; More

Transplantation. 101(10):2590-2598, October 2017.

Exposure to Mycophenolate and Fatherhood

Midtvedt, Karsten; Bergan, Stein; Reisæter, Anna Varberg; More

Transplantation. 101(7):e214-e217, July 2017.

The Influence of Immunosuppressive Agents on the Risk of De Novo Donor-Specific HLA Antibody Production in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients

O'Leary, Jacqueline G.; Samaniego, Millie; Barrio, Marta Crespo; More

Transplantation. 100(1):39-53, January 2016.

Individual Frailty Components and Mortality in Kidney Transplant Recipients

McAdams-DeMarco, Mara A.; Ying, Hao; Olorundare, Israel; More

Transplantation. 101(9):2126-2132, September 2017.

Early effects of renal replacement therapy on cardiovascular comorbidity in children with end-stage kidney disease: findings from the 4C-T Study.

Schmidt, Bernhard M.W.; Sugianto, Rizky I.; Thurn, Daniela; More

Transplantation. ., Post Acceptance: September 18, 2017

Intervertebral Disc Repair by Allogeneic Mesenchymal Bone Marrow Cells: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Noriega, David C.; Ardura, Francisco; Hernández-Ramajo, Rubén; More

Transplantation. 101(8):1945-1951, August 2017.

Kidney Transplant With Low Levels of DSA or Low Positive B-Flow Crossmatch: An Underappreciated Option for Highly Sensitized Transplant Candidates

Schinstock, Carrie A.; Gandhi, Manish; Cheungpasitporn, Wisit; More

Transplantation. 101(10):2429-2439, October 2017.

Variability in Pressure of Arterial Oxygen to Fractional Inspired Oxygen Concentration Ratio During Cellular Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion: Implication for Decision Making

Okamoto, Toshihiro; Wheeler, David; Liu, Qiang; More

Transplantation. 99(12):2504-2513, December 2015.

Laparoscopic Donor Hepatectomy: A Way Forward?

Emond, Jean C.

Transplantation. 101(3):468, March 2017.

Criteria for and Appropriateness of Renal Transplantation in Elderly Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease: A Literature Review and Position Statement on Behalf of the European...

Segall, Liviu; Nistor, Ionut; Pascual, Julio; More

Transplantation. 100(10):e55-e65, October 2016.

HLA Population Genetics in Solid Organ Transplantation

Kransdorf, Evan P.; Pando, Marcelo J.; Gragert, Loren; More

Transplantation. 101(9):1971-1976, September 2017.

How Painful Is Donor Nephrectomy? Retrospective Analysis of Early Pain and Pain Management in Open versus Laparoscopic versus Retroperitoneoscopic Nephrectomy

Bachmann, Alexander; Wolff, Thomas; Giannini, Olivier; More

Transplantation. 81(12):1735-1738, June 27, 2006.

Impact of Small Variations in the Delivered Dose of Rabbit Antithymocyte Induction Therapy in Kidney Transplantation With Early Corticosteroid Withdrawal

Tsapepas, Demetra S.; Mohan, Sumit; Tanriover, Bekir; More

Transplantation. 94(4):325-330, August 27, 2012.

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