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Intensive Care Solely to Facilitate Organ Donation—New Challenges

Opdam, Helen

Transplantation . 101(8):1746-1747, August 2017.

Recent Changes in Chronic Kidney Disease–Mineral and Bone Disorders and Associated Fractures After Kidney Transplantation

Perrin, Peggy; Kiener, Clotilde; Javier, Rose-Marie; More

Transplantation . 101(8):1897-1905, August 2017.

International Liver Transplant Society Practice Guidelines: Diagnosis and Management of Hepatopulmonary Syndrome and Portopulmonary Hypertension

Krowka, Michael J.; Fallon, Michael B.; Kawut, Steven M.; More

Transplantation . 100(7):1440-1452, July 2016.

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Predictive Score for Posttransplantation Outcomes

Molnar, Miklos Z.; Nguyen, Danh V.; Chen, Yanjun; More

Transplantation . 101(6):1353-1364, June 2017.

Rituximab for reduction of anti-HLA antibodies in patients awaiting renal transplantation: 1. Safety, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacokinetics1

Vieira, Carlos A.; Agarwal, Avinash; Book, Benita K.; More

Transplantation . 77(4):542-548, February 27, 2004.

Are We Ready for Epitope-Based HLA Matching in Clinical Organ Transplantation?

Duquesnoy, Rene J.

Transplantation . 101(8):1755-1765, August 2017.

Disease Recurrence and Acute Cellular Rejection Episodes During the First Year After Lung Transplantation Among Patients With Sarcoidosis

Banga, Amit; Sahoo, Debasis; Lane, Charles R.; More

Transplantation . 99(9):1940-1945, September 2015.

The Presence of Pretransplant Antiphospholipid Antibodies IgA Anti-β-2-Glycoprotein I as a Predictor of Graft Thrombosis After Renal Transplantation

Morales, Jose Maria; Serrano, Manuel; Martínez-Flores, Jose Angel; More

Transplantation . 101(3):597-607, March 2017.

Interpreting Anti-HLA Antibody Testing Data: A Practical Guide for Physicians

Schinstock, Carrie A.; Gandhi, Manish J.; Stegall, Mark D.

Transplantation . 100(8):1619-1628, August 2016.

Erosive enterocolitis in mycophenolate mofetil-treated renal-transplant recipients with persistent afebrile diarrhea

Maes, Bart D.; Dalle, Ignace; Geboes, Karen; More

Transplantation . 75(5):665-672, March 15, 2003.

Prevention and Management of Tuberculosis in Transplant Recipients: From Guidelines to Clinical Practice

Muñoz, Laura; Santin, Miguel

Transplantation . 100(9):1840-1852, September 2016.

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