February 2017 - Volume 101 - Issue 2
pp: 213-444,e42-e58
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ImmunoCloak as a Paradigm of the Biomaterial Approach to Immunomodulation: Where Regenerative Medicine Meets Organ Transplantation

Orlando, Giuseppe

Transplantation . 101(2):234-235, February 2017.

A Modest Proposal

Reed, Alan I.

Transplantation . 101(2):236-238, February 2017.

Use of Everolimus in Liver Transplantation: Recommendations From a Working Group

De Simone, Paolo; Fagiuoli, Stefano; Cescon, Matteo; More

Transplantation . 101(2):239-251, February 2017.

Report of the 22nd Annual Congress of the International Liver Transplantation Society

Diaz, Geraldine C.; Zerillo, Jeron; Singhal, Ashish; More

Transplantation . 101(2):252-259, February 2017.

Revisiting APOLT for Metabolic Liver Disease: A New Look at an Old Idea

Reddy, Mettu Srinivas; Rajalingam, Rajesh; Rela, Mohamed

Transplantation . 101(2):260-266, February 2017.

Which Donor for Uterus Transplants: Brain-Dead Donor or Living Donor? A Systematic Review

Lavoué, Vincent; Vigneau, Cécile; Duros, Solène; More

Transplantation . 101(2):267-273, February 2017.

Effect of Ex Vivo–Expanded Recipient Regulatory T Cells on Hematopoietic Chimerism and Kidney Allograft Tolerance Across MHC Barriers in Cynomolgus Macaques

Duran-Struuck, Raimon; Sondermeijer, Hugo P.; Bühler, Leo; More

Transplantation . 101(2):274-283, February 2017.

Short-term Pharmacological Inhibition of MyD88 Homodimerization by a Novel Inhibitor Promotes Robust Allograft Tolerance in Mouse Cardiac and Skin Transplantation

Li, Chao; Zhang, Li-Min; Zhang, Xue; More

Transplantation . 101(2):284-293, February 2017.

A Critical Role for TGF-β/Fc and Nonlytic IL-2/Fc Fusion Proteins in Promoting Chimerism and Donor-Specific Tolerance

Xu, Hong; Zheng, Xin Xiao; Zhang, Wensheng; More

Transplantation . 101(2):294-301, February 2017.

CD45RA Distinguishes CD4+CD25+CD127−/low TSDR Demethylated Regulatory T Cell Subpopulations With Differential Stability and Susceptibility to Tacrolimus-Mediated Inhibition of...

Arroyo Hornero, Rebeca; Betts, Gareth J.; Sawitzki, Birgit; More

Transplantation . 101(2):302-309, February 2017.

The Lymphatic Phenotype of Lung Allografts in Patients With Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome and Restrictive Allograft Syndrome

Traxler, Denise; Schweiger, Thomas; Schwarz, Stefan; More

Transplantation . 101(2):310-315, February 2017.

Prolonged Survival of Pig Skin on Baboons After Administration of Pig Cells Expressing Human CD47

Tena, Aseda A.; Sachs, David H.; Mallard, Christopher; More

Transplantation . 101(2):316-321, February 2017.

Bruton Tyrosine Kinase Inhibition Attenuates Liver Damage in a Mouse Warm Ischemia and Reperfusion Model

Palumbo, Tiziana; Nakamura, Kojiro; Lassman, Charles; More

Transplantation . 101(2):322-331, February 2017.

Low Measured Hepatic Artery Flow Increases Rate of Biliary Strictures in Deceased Donor Liver Transplantation: An Age-Dependent Phenomenon

Kim, Peter T. W.; Fernandez, Hoylan; Gupta, Amar; More

Transplantation . 101(2):332-340, February 2017.

Effect of Early Everolimus-Facilitated Reduction of Tacrolimus on Efficacy and Renal Function in De Novo Liver Transplant Recipients: 24-Month Results for the North American...

Chapman, William C.; Brown, Robert S. Jr; Chavin, Kenneth D.; More

Transplantation . 101(2):341-349, February 2017.

Activation of Fibrinolysis, But Not Coagulation, During End-Ischemic Ex Situ Normothermic Machine Perfusion of Human Donor Livers

Karangwa, Shanice A.; Burlage, Laura C.; Adelmeijer, Jelle; More

Transplantation . 101(2):e42-e48, February 2017.

Improving Liver Allocation Using Optimized Neighborhoods

Kilambi, Vikram; Mehrotra, Sanjay

Transplantation . 101(2):350-359, February 2017.

Torque Teno Virus Load—Inverse Association With Antibody-Mediated Rejection After Kidney Transplantation

Schiemann, Martin; Puchhammer-Stöckl, Elisabeth; Eskandary, Farsad; More

Transplantation . 101(2):360-367, February 2017.

A Paired Kidney Analysis of Multiorgan Transplantation: Implications for Allograft Survival

Choudhury, Rashikh A.; Reese, Peter P.; Goldberg, David S.; More

Transplantation . 101(2):368-376, February 2017.

Association of Baseline Viral Serology and Sirolimus Regimens With Kidney Transplant Outcomes: A 14-Year Registry-Based Cohort Study in the United States

Santos, Alfonso H. Jr; Casey, Michael J.; Xuerong, Wen; More

Transplantation . 101(2):377-386, February 2017.

Urinary Calprotectin Differentiates Between Prerenal and Intrinsic Acute Renal Allograft Failure

Seibert, Felix S.; Rosenberger, Christian; Mathia, Susanne; More

Transplantation . 101(2):387-394, February 2017.

Rejection of the Renal Allograft in the Absence of Demonstrable Antibody and Complement

Zhao, Xiaomu; Huang, Gang; Randhawa, Simrath; More

Transplantation . 101(2):395-401, February 2017.

Overall Graft Loss Versus Death-Censored Graft Loss: Unmasking the Magnitude of Racial Disparities in Outcomes Among US Kidney Transplant Recipients

Taber, David J.; Gebregziabher, Mulugeta; Payne, Elizabeth H.; More

Transplantation . 101(2):402-410, February 2017.

Intestinal Graft Failure: Should We Perform the Allograft Enterectomy Before or With Retransplantation?

Nagai, Shunji; Mangus, Richard S.; Anderson, Eve; More

Transplantation . 101(2):411-420, February 2017.

Reported Nonadherence to Immunosuppressive Medication in Young Adults After Heart Transplantation: A Retrospective Analysis of a National Registry

Tumin, Dmitry; McConnell, Patrick I.; Galantowicz, Mark; More

Transplantation . 101(2):421-429, February 2017.

High Intrapatient Tacrolimus Variability Is Associated With Worse Outcomes in Renal Transplantation Using a Low-Dose Tacrolimus Immunosuppressive Regime

Whalen, Henry R.; Glen, Julie A.; Harkins, Victoria; More

Transplantation . 101(2):430-436, February 2017.

Different Impact of the Number of Organ Failures and Graft-Versus-Host Disease on the Outcome of Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation Recipients Requiring Intensive Care

Orvain, Corentin; Beloncle, Francois; Hamel, Jean-Francois; More

Transplantation . 101(2):437-444, February 2017.

Underlying Mechanisms of Protection Involved in Immunocloak

Brasile, Lauren; Henry, Nicholas; Stubenitsky, Bart

Transplantation . 101(2):e49-e56, February 2017.