Current Editors' Picks -April 2017 - Volume 101 Issue 4
Created:   6/10/2011
Contains:  4 items

Crosstalk Between T and B Cells in the Germinal Center After Transplantation

Kwun, Jean; Manook, Miriam; Page, Eugenia; More

Transplantation . 101(4):704-712, April 2017.

Continuous Normothermic Ex Vivo Kidney Perfusion Improves Graft Function in Donation After Circulatory Death Pig Kidney Transplantation

Kaths, J. Moritz; Echeverri, Juan; Chun, Yi Min; More

Transplantation . 101(4):754-763, April 2017.

Factors Associated With Short- and Long-term Liver Graft Survival in the United Kingdom: Development of a UK Donor Liver Index

Collett, David; Friend, Peter J.; Watson, Christopher J. E.

Transplantation . 101(4):786-792, April 2017.

Cryptosporidium spp. Infection in Solid Organ Transplantation: The Nationwide “TRANSCRYPTO” Study

Lanternier, Fanny; Amazzough, Karima; Favennec, Loic; More

Transplantation . 101(4):826-830, April 2017.