Current Editors' Picks - August 2017 - Volume 101 Issue 8
Created:   6/10/2011
Contains:  4 items

Are We Ready for Epitope-Based HLA Matching in Clinical Organ Transplantation?

Duquesnoy, Rene J.

Transplantation . 101(8):1755-1765, August 2017.

Renal Protection Mediated by Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1α Depends on Proangiogenesis Function of miR-21 by Targeting Thrombospondin 1

Xu, Xialian; Song, Nana; Zhang, Xue; More

Transplantation . 101(8):1811-1819, August 2017.

“Model for Early Allograft Function” Outperforms “Early Allograft Dysfunction” as a Predictor of Transplant Survival

Jochmans, Ina; Fieuws, Steffen; Monbaliu, Diethard; More

Transplantation . 101(8):e258-e264, August 2017.

Expanding the Donor Pool Through Intensive Care to Facilitate Organ Donation: Results of a Spanish Multicenter Study

Domínguez-Gil, Beatriz; Coll, Elisabeth; Elizalde, José; More

Transplantation . 101(8):e265-e272, August 2017.