July 2017 - Volume 3 - Issue 7
pp: e175-e170

Clinical Utility of Epstein-Barr Virus Viral Load Monitoring and Risk Factors for Posttransplant Lymphoproliferative Disorders After Kidney Transplantation: A Single-Center,...

Franceschini, Erica; Plessi, Jessica; Zona, Stefano; More

Transplantation Direct . 3(7):e182, July 2017.

Sirolimus Increases T-Cell Abundance in the Sun Exposed Skin of Kidney Transplant Recipients

Burke, Michael Thomas; Sambira Nahum, Lauren C.; Isbel, Nicole M.; More

Transplantation Direct . 3(7):e171, July 2017.

Preimplantation Kidney Biopsies of Extended Criteria Donors Have a Heavier Inflammatory Burden Than Kidneys From Standard Criteria Donors

Mazeti-Felicio, Camila M.; Caldas, Heloisa C.; Fernandes-Charpiot, Ida M.M.; More

Transplantation Direct . 3(7):e180, July 2017.

The UK National Registry of ABO and HLA Antibody Incompatible Renal Transplantation: Pretransplant Factors Associated With Outcome in 879 Transplants

Pankhurst, Laura; Hudson, Alex; Mumford, Lisa; More

Transplantation Direct . 3(7):e181, July 2017.

Acute Rejection After Kidney Transplantation Associates With Circulating MicroRNAs and Vascular Injury

Bijkerk, Roel; Florijn, Barend W.; Khairoun, Meriem; More

Transplantation Direct . 3(7):e174, July 2017.

Liver Preservation by Aortic Perfusion Alone Compared With Preservation by Aortic Perfusion and Additional Arterial Ex Situ Back-Table Perfusion With...

Otto, Gerd; Heise, Michael; Thies, Jochen; More

Transplantation Direct . 3(7):e183, July 2017.

A Donor Age-Based and Graft Volume–Based Analysis for Living Donor Liver Transplantation in Elderly Recipients

Imamura, Hajime; Hidaka, Masaaki; Soyama, Akihiko; More

Transplantation Direct . 3(7):e168, July 2017.

Reversibility of Frailty After Bridge-to-Transplant Ventricular Assist Device Implantation or Heart Transplantation

Jha, Sunita R.; Hannu, Malin K.; Newton, Phillip J.; More

Transplantation Direct . 3(7):e167, July 2017.

Preserving the Pancreas Graft: Outcomes of Surgical Repair of Duodenal Leaks in Enterically Drained Pancreas Allografts

Al-Adra, David; McGilvray, Ian; Goldaracena, Nicolas; More

Transplantation Direct . 3(7):e179, July 2017.

The Optimization of Short-Term Hepatocyte Preservation Before Transplantation

Fukuoka, Kengo; Inagaki, Akiko; Nakamura, Yasuhiro; More

Transplantation Direct . 3(7):e176, July 2017.

Splenocyte Infusion and Whole-Body Irradiation for Induction of Peripheral Tolerance in Porcine Lung Transplantation: Modifications of the Preconditioning Regime for Improved...

Jansson, Katharina; Dreckmann, Karla; Sommer, Wiebke; More

Transplantation Direct . 3(7):e170, July 2017.