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Editor-in-Chief: Nickola Wolf Nelson, PhD
Editor Emerita:
Katharine G. Butler, PhD
ISSN: 0271-8294
Online ISSN: 1550-3259
Frequency: 4 issues / year
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About this Issue: Quandaries in Identifying Learning Disabilities

Dear Readers:
In the current issue (TLD, Vol. 34, Issue 1), issue editors, Kathleen Whitmire and Maureen Staskowski have enlisted a group of widely respected experts from several disciplines to address the complex and controversial topic of methods for identifying learning disabilities (LD). Zumeta, Zirkel, and Danielson open the issue with a synopsis of the historical and legal context in which these changes have occurred, prior to, as well as since the 2006 regulations were published. Reschly describes how response-to-intervention (RTI) can contribute to LD identification (among other purposes). Fletcher, Stuebing, Barth, Miciak, and Francis help readers understand the fine points associated with measuring students’ responsiveness. Johnson uses case examples to explain why it is important to conduct assessments of varied cognitive processes to understand why a particular child might not be responding adequately to tiers of intervention. Sun and Wallach consider questions surrounding the overlapping nature of language disorders and LD, noting that a language disorder is, in fact, a learning disability (and vice versa). The issue editors, Whitmire and Staskowski, also wish to recognize the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities for their support in crafting the conceptual framework of their issue. One thing that I particularly appreciate in this issue is its ability to bring professionals together across disciplines and researchers together with practitioners, consistent with the mission of the journal. Both my From the Editor column and the Issue Editor Foreword are set for open access. Enjoy!
Nicki Nelson



Upcoming Topics
  • Memory and Word Learning: Implications for Assessment and Intervention for Specific Language Impairment
  • Identifying Learning Disabilities: Competing Perspectives and Models
  • Global Issues in Language Disorders: Processes, Frameworks, and Policies
  • Theory of Mind and Language Development and Disorders
  • Pragmatic Language Development in African American Children
  • Literacy Achievements by Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in the New Era
30 Years and Counting

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Since changes were made in IDEA 2004, schools have a clear map for identifying learning disabilities.
Since changes were made in IDEA 2004, schools have a clear map for identifying learning disabilities.
Since changes were made in IDEA 2004, schools have a clear map for identifying learning disabilities.
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