April/June 2017 - Volume 37 - Issue 2

  • Nickola Wolf Nelson, PhD
    Associate Editors
    Sarah E. Wallace, PhD, CCC-SLP
    Julie A. Wolter, PhD, CCC-SLP
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Dear Readers,

I am pleased to introduce the current issue of Topics in Language Disorders, which is co-edited by issue editors, Dr. Esther Geva and Dr. Fataneh Farniah, on the topic of Language and Literacy Skills of Typically and Nontypically Developing Second Language Learners.
In their Issue Editors’ Foreword, Geva and Farnia (2017) provide a framework for the five articles on the cognitive, language, and reading (word-level and comprehension) abilities of school-age children as they learn a second language. Swanson (2017) contributes findings regarding cognitive factors associated with language and literacy development for three groups of readers in the U.S. whose home language is Spanish but who are learning to read in English. Chung, Koh, Deacon, and Chen (2017) contribute information about students attending a French immersion program in Canada regarding their early grade cognitive, language, and reading skills in English and French as predictors of later word reading and higher level literacy skills. Verhoeven, Steenge, van Leeuwe, and van Balkom (2017) contribute information about children in the Netherlands, whose home language is Turkish, Moroccan, or Surinamese, and who have been identified with specific language impairment (SLI), from the perspective of spoken language components underlying their language abilities in Dutch. Tong and McBride (2017) studied children in Hong Kong who demonstrate dyslexia in Chinese regarding their abilities to perform word reading and orthographic tasks in English. Finally, Lesaux and Harris (2017) contribute quantitative and qualitative information about reading comprehension as measured in, and described by, children in the U.S. who are children of Spanish-speaking immigrants.
The issue offers insights not only regarding second language learners, but all children, as they navigate the process of connecting their oral and written language skills and cognitive abilities, through meaningful use. Enjoy.

Nickola Wolf Nelson, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief
Julie Wolter, Ph.D., Associate Editor
Sarah E. Wallace, Ph.D., Associate Editor


  • The Power of Play and Its Role in Developmental Integration (Issue Editor, Sima Gerber)
  • Communication Support for Adults with Acquired Neurological Conditions (Issue Editor, David Beukelman)
  • Language and Literacy in Bidialectal and Bilingual Populations ​(Issue Editors, Julie Washington and Nicole Patton Terry)

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