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About this Issue: Global Issues in Language Disorders

Dear Readers:

In planning this enlightening issue, Drs. Yvette Hyter and Dolores Battle invited strong contributors from five continents to bring deeper global understandings of language disorders to TLD readers. Hyter begins with a concept paper on the influences of sociological and political factors that influence all aspects of life in a global world. Then Tanaka Welty, Menn, and Oshei examine language structure influence on reading disorders in Japanese, including differences in Kana and Kanji orthographies and their implications for understanding dyslexia in Japan. In their article on Hebrew and Palestinian Arabic in Israel, Uziel-Karl, Kanaan, Yifat, Meir, Abugov, and Ravid, a collaborative group of Israeli Jewish and Arab psycholinguists and SLPs, discuss the geo-politics and social constructs of language and literacy in Israel, including modern and classical Hebrew and the various dialects of Arabic and Yiddish and their relationship to the politics and social history of the region.  Brazilian authors, Fernandes, Amato, Defense-Netrval, and Molini-Avejonas, address problems of disparity of services across a large country with a large urban concentration, but with goals to meet the needs of students with autism spectrum disorders in more isolated regions.  The issue concludes with an article by Claire Penn from South Africa, who describes in addresses aphasia in South Africa, which, like Brazil, is a large and ethnically and culturally diverse country, which has undergone major socio-political challenges in recent decades.  Put on your traveling duds and take this world tour. I promise that you will find it enlightening. It puts globalization in a fully positive light.

Nicki Nelson

Upcoming Topics
  • Connecting Theory and Practice: Autism and concepts of self and Morphological awareness, assessment, and intervention
  • Theory of Mind and Language Development and Disorders
  • Pragmatic Language Development in African American Children
  • Literacy Achievements by Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in the New Era
  • Narratives of Adults with Communications Disorders
  • Transition to College for Students with Language Disorders on and off the Autism Spectrum
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Since changes were made in IDEA 2004, schools have a clear map for identifying learning disabilities.
Since changes were made in IDEA 2004, schools have a clear map for identifying learning disabilities.
Since changes were made in IDEA 2004, schools have a clear map for identifying learning disabilities.
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