High Impact Articles

Created:   6/24/2016
Contains:  26 items

30-on-30: 30th Anniversary Collection

Created:   12/18/2014
Contains:  14 items

Lung Cancer Screening Editorial Features

Created:   8/23/2013
Contains:  9 items

Lung Cancer Screening Review Articles

Created:   8/23/2013
Contains:  8 items

CME/SAM Articles

Created:   3/5/2013
Contains:  13 items
These articles offer SA-CME credit. Please select an article for detailed instructions on how to earn and claim continuing education credit. For more information on JTI SA-CME educational offerings, visit the Lippincott CMEConnection portal at to register online and take advantage of the free JTI SA-CME opportunities.

Expert Opinion

Created:   8/30/2011
Contains:  24 items
“Expert Opinion” is a JTI editorial feature that taps into the expertise of leaders in the field regarding “hot topic” issues in cardiopulmonary imaging that are highly relevant to our readers.

Signs in Cardiopulmonary Imaging

Created:   7/22/2011
Contains:  16 items

CT Screening for Lung Cancer

Created:   6/27/2012
Contains:  9 items
New guidelines recommend computed tomography (CT) as a screening test for early-stage lung cancer in high-risk smokers. The July/August Journal of Thoracic Imaging (JTI), official journal of the Society of Thoracic Radiology, is a special issue devoted to preparing to offer CT lung cancer screening on the population level.

The "QA Guy" Blog Collection

Created:   3/22/2012
Contains:  5 items

Quality Collection

Created:   3/22/2012
Contains:  11 items

Residents’ Collection: Cardiac Imaging

Created:   7/13/2011
Contains:  10 items
This “Top 10” collection of JTI review articles was expertly selected by Guest Editor Chris Walker and Deputy Editor Gautham Reddy. This compilation of practical and up-to-date review articles provides the important essentials of cardiac imaging for both board preparation and future practice.

Resident and Fellow’s Collection - Pulmonary Imaging

Created:   3/28/2011
Contains:  10 items
This “Top 10” collection of JTI review articles was hand-picked by Jonathan Chung and Tan-Lucien Mohammed to provide a compendium of up-to-date essentials in pulmonary imaging for residents and fellows. The contents of this collection include an illustrated review of classic signs in thoracic imaging and topical reviews by world-renown experts on small airways diseases, diffuse lung diseases, emphysema, thoracic trauma, and other essential pulmonary subjects.

JTI Tips for Trainees Blog Collection

Created:   3/28/2011
Contains:  28 items
This collection of blog entries by Jonathan Chung is designed specifically for residents and fellows and includes entries devoted to the best cardiopulmonary oral board examination resources, evidence-based radiology, highlights of national meetings, and more!

Advanced Imaging in COPD: New Horizons for an "Old" Disease

Created:   5/6/2010
Contains:  6 items
This symposium provides a timely compendium on advanced imaging of COPD, a disease that has recently generated a great deal of interest based upon new information regarding its genetic basis, qualitative and quantitative imaging evaluation, and growing number of treatment options. As noted by guest editor Bob Steiner, “contributions by experts in the field of diagnostic radiology, imaging research, and clinical investigation provide comprehensive and up-to-date reviews concerning the imaging aspects of COPD.” Topics included in this symposium include state-of-the-art quantification of COPD using CT and MRI, current approaches to radiologic-pathologic correlation, and innovative interventional approaches for the treatment of COPD.

American College of Radiology (ACR) Appropriateness Criteria

Created:   2/9/2011
Contains:  15 items
The American College of Radiology (ACR) Appropriateness Criteria® are a uniquely valuable, evidence-based resource for clinicians and radiologists. Each review addresses the appropriateness of specific imaging tests for precise clinical indications. This JTI Collection is comprised of a series of succinct reviews of these criteria for a variety of important thoracic imaging indications, including staging of lung cancer and screening for pulmonary metastases, among others.

25th Anniversary Features

Created:   1/3/2011
Contains:  14 items
This collection of articles published in 2010 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Journal of Thoracic Imaging includes: 1) historical articles about the Journal and the major international thoracic imaging societies; 2) a 4-part series entitled “25-on-25,” in which 25 international luminaries offer their reflections and prognostications of the past and future 25 years of cardiopulmonary imaging; and 3) a series of commentaries on the past 25 years of progress with respect to specific imaging modalities, including high-resolution chest CT, digital radiography, MRI, and PET imaging.

Advances in Cardiopulmonary Multi-Detector CT

Created:   5/6/2010
Contains:  19 items
This collection is comprised of a special three-issue symposium that focuses upon state-of-the-art multi-detector CT applications for imaging cardiopulmonary disorders. Guest Editor Joe Schoepf has invited expert authors from around the globe to provide the most cutting-edge insights into the latest advances in CT techniques for imaging cardiothoracic diseases with an emphasis upon dose reduction. Our special thanks to the Siemens Computed Tomography Division for their generous support, which greatly facilitated the production of this special symposium.

Computer-Aided Diagnosis

Created:   5/6/2010
Contains:  6 items
This symposium was expertly guest edited by Heber MacMahon and contains a variety of state-of-the-art articles which remain timely to this day. These include articles by leading experts on: 1) advanced imaging processing, including dual energy subtraction and temporal subtraction radiography, digital tomosynthesis of the chest; and 2) computer-aided diagnosis of lung cancer, lung nodules, and the airways.

Cardiac CT

Created:   4/27/2010
Contains:  13 items
This symposium devoted to cardiac CT was expertly guest edited by Dr. Joe Schoepf and includes 12 outstanding review articles on a variety of cardiac CT topics. Originally published in February 2007, it was extraordinarily timely because it addressed the strong clinical interest of radiologists and other imagers that accompanied the rapid emergence and advancements of cardiac CT. To this day, this symposium remains one of the most comprehensive summaries of the topic to be published in any journal. For additional commentary regarding this special symposium, please see JTI's blog.

25 on 25

Created:   8/24/2010
Contains:  4 items
The 25th anniversary year of the Journal is an opportune time for both reflecting on the past and envisioning the future of cardiopulmonary imaging. The purpose of this special year-long feature is to provide our readers with the collective perspectives of 25 international leaders in the field regarding the following questions: 1. ‘‘What is the most influential article or advance in our specialty in the past 25 years?’’ 2. ‘‘Which potential advance or line of research of the last 25 years failed to live up to your expectations?’’ 3. ‘‘What are the greatest opportunities and challenges for our specialty in the coming 25 years?’’ 4. ‘‘What will our specialty look like 25 years from now?’’ Each issue of JTI in 2010 includes the collective 25 responses to one of the four questions. Please click the PDF link for optimal viewing of each installment.

CT-PET: Thoracic Oncologic Imaging

Created:   4/27/2010
Contains:  7 items
This symposium was published in early 2006. As noted by Editor Emeritus Charlie White, “This symposium provided a thorough overview of a topic which had been and remains of interest to several groups of subspecialists. It reflected the accumulated knowledge gained from more than a decade of research in the area. It also provided a plethora of clinically useful information.” Indeed, the six articles in this symposium remains highly relevant to thoracic imagers and physicians caring for oncology patients today. As noted by Guest Editor Reggie Munden, “It is safe to say that PET/CT has not only lived up to its high expectations, but in some ways it is exceeding them.” For additional commentary regarding this special symposium, please see JTI's blog.

Pulmonary Functional Imaging Symposium

Created:   4/27/2010
Contains:  6 items
In recognition of advances in pulmonary imaging beyond anatomical characterization, this symposium focused on CT and MR in the evaluation of pulmonary function. By gathering a group of radiologists and a physiologist, this symposium, which was guest edited by David Levin, detailed the use of CT and MR in the functional evaluation of airways disease and evaluation of pulmonary blood flow, areas that remain the focus of significant investigation as we search for more accurate and reproducible methods of assessing lung function beyond global pulmonary function testing.

Cardiac Imaging Symposium

Created:   4/27/2010
Contains:  14 items
As noted by Editor Emeritus Jeff Klein, this two-part symposium, which spanned 2000-2001, was developed by Bill Stanford and heralded the importance of cardiac imaging as an important tool for thoracic radiologists. While the symposium was developed several years before MDCT emerged as an important noninvasive method of imaging the coronary arteries, the articles in this symposium, one of the first to review the use of CT and MR in the evaluation of cardiac disease, highlighted the anatomic and functional evaluation of heart disease that has become a mainstay of modern cardiac practice. For additional commentary regarding this historical symposium, please see JTI's blog.