September 2009 - Volume 62 - Issue 9
pp: 4-64

Verification and what to do until your probe-mic system arrives (Part 1 of 2)

M., Robyn

Hearing Journal . 62(9):10,12-14,16, September 2009.

While she's a strong advocate for using a probe-microphone system to verify hearing aid fittings, for the benefit of readers who don't (yet) have a system in their clinic, Dr. Cox explains some ingenious low-tech alternative methods that can be used to find out if a hearing aid is functioning the way it should be in the patient's ear.

Survey of current business practices reveals opportunities for improvement

Taylor, Brian

Hearing Journal . 62(9):24,26,28-31, September 2009.

A manufacturer's comprehensive study on how hundreds of owners run and market their hearing aid practices shows a wide disparity of approaches. The findings also suggest that by spending more time with patients and tracking the financial metrics more carefully, owners have great potential to increase their businesses' profitability.