March 2008 - Volume 61 - Issue 3
pp: 4-82

Prescribing maximum hearing aid output: Differences among manufacturers found

Mueller, H. Gustav; Bentler, Ruth A.; Wu, Yu-Hsiang

Hearing Journal . 61(3):30-36, March 2008.

In view of the importance of maximum output on the satisfaction of hearing aid wearers, those who fit them should bear in mind that different manufacturers prescribe very different maximum outputs for hearing aids programmed for the same hearing loss.

Inquiry into online hearing test raises doubts about its validity

Kimball, Suzanne H.

Hearing Journal . 61(3):38-46, March 2008.

In the first of a three-part series on a study of hearing aids purchased online without the involvement of a hearing professional, the author compares the results of an online hearing test with those obtained in a hearing test suite.