Teach patients who hear “well enough” the real cost of neglecting hearing loss

Pallarito, Karen

Hearing Journal . 63(8):19-20,22,24-25, August 2010.

When consumers refuse to get help for an admitted hearing loss, it's often because they don't realize the amount of harm their diminished hearing is doing to their life. This Cover Story offers a wealth of information that practitioners can use to make reluctant patients understand how much they have to gain by addressing their hearing problems now.

Hearing loss prevention goes mainstream, and every practitioner has a part to play

Pallarito, Karen

Hearing Journal . 61(8):17-18,20-22, August 2008.

In the unending battle to minimize the damage that excessive noise wreaks on America 's hearing, there is a subtle but significant shift in focus from conserving the hearing that people have left to the more pro-active approach of preventing hearing loss before it occurs. This month 's Cover Story reports on what that entails and how hearing care providers can contribute to the effort.

Having a career and a family life, too

Pallarito, Karen

Hearing Journal . 60(7):19-20,23, July 2007.

For many hearing healthcare practitioners, trying to build a career in their profession while at the same time handling the demands of marriage and parenthood is a difficult balancing act. This month's cover story looks at how some practitioners, most of them women, are coping with these challenges.

Overburdened and under‐appreciated, school audiologists forge ahead

Pallarito, Karen

Hearing Journal . 59(9):19,20,22,24, September 2006.

While circustances vary widely from state to state, an inquiry into the state of educational audiology today finds that in all-too-many school districts audiologists must overcome inadequate funding and equipment, among other obstacles, in providing precious help to their young clients.

A year after privacy rules take effect, hearing professionals seem to be adapting

Pallarito, Karen

Hearing Journal . 57(6):19-20,22,24, June 2004.

Before the HIPAA protections of patient privacy went into effect last April, many hearing professionals were concerned about the burden the law might impose. Interviews suggest that most practitioners have met the requirements without too much trouble. However, there is evidence that some practices are not yet fully HIPAA-compliant.