Classic MarkeTrak Studies by Sergei Kochkin, PhD
Creator:   The Hearing Journal
Created:   8/3/2010
Contains:  8 items

The Executive Director of the Better Hearing Institute parses the latest data to help hearing health care professionals understand the latest trends.

MarkeTrak VIII: The efficacy of hearing aids in achieving compensation equity in the workplace

Kochkin, Sergei

Hearing Journal . 63(10):19-24,26,28, October 2010.

Analysis of MarkeTrak survey data shows that people in the work force with untreated hearing loss typically have annual incomes tens of thousands of dollars below those with normal hearing. But those data also show that hearing aids cut that income gap by anywhere from 65% to 100%, depending on the degree of hearing loss

MarkeTrak VIII: Consumer satisfaction with hearing aids is slowly increasing

Kochkin, Sergei

Hearing Journal . 63(1):19-20,22,24,26,28,30-32, January 2010.

Based on more than 3000 responses from hearing aid wearers to the eighth MarkeTrak survey, Better Hearing Institute Executive Director Dr. Sergei Kochkin determined that 74% of hearing instrument users in 2008 were satisfied with their fittings. That was significantly higher than the 68% satisfaction rate found by MarkeTrak VII in 2004 and the best ever recorded.

MarkeTrak VII: Obstacles to adult non‐user adoption of hearing aids

Kochkin, Sergei

Hearing Journal . 60(4):24-51, April 2007.

Despite great advances in hearing aid technology, the latest MarkeTrak study finds that significantly increasing the utilization of amplification requires other advances as well. These include raising awareness by consumers of their hearing loss and its impact on their lives and spreading the realization that existing solutions are effective and offer good value.