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Manufacturers News

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Manufacturers News

Manufacturers News covers the latest products, programs, and news from hearing healthcare companies. News releases and photographs are welcome. Please submit information to

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Phonak's ( latest Lyric generation uses new technology, including a low-power, deep-ear chip for signal processing; adaptive signal and compression processing; and expanded gain range; and offers programming options for fitting flexibility. The 12-mm-long Lyric is put deep inside the ear canal, where it can stay for months at a time.

Phonak also added support and counseling material to its Tinnitus Balance Portfolio. The lead generation component of the portfolio supports audiologists’ efforts to gain new tinnitus clients.

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Sonic's ( Nano receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) model, which is available in Bliss and Charm hearing instruments at all technology levels, includes a built-in telecoil/auto telephone, wireless connectivity, user-friendly controls, and Speech Priority Noise Reduction.

Also, with the addition of the Flip40, the Flip family now includes basic-to-premium product options.

In terms of wireless accessories, SoundGate 2 has a large range, long battery life, and a built-in telecoil. TV Adapter 2 and Phone Adapter 2 are compatible with this new product and with the original SoundGate.

TV Adapter 2 now supports Toslink optical audio cable input, and Phone Adapter 2 offers connectivity to digital office phones via an optional accessory.

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Unitron's ( Pro technology level, powered by the Era platform, is available in Moxi2 and Quantum2 products. Pro provides a four-destination Automatic Program, SmartFocus 2, and SpeechZone 2, which pinpoints whether speech is coming from the front, back, left side, or right side of the listener and then automatically chooses a binaural or asymmetric synchronized microphone approach, with the aim of improving speech understanding in noise.

New users can try out the Pro technology without obligation through Unitron's Flex:trial program. Current wearers of Moxi2 or Quantum2 can use Flex:upgrade to access Pro features.

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Siemens Hearing Instruments’ ( ProSuite care concept gives hearing healthcare professionals tools and applications to support patient interactions and engagement.

The Counseling Suite 3.0 component helps providers recommend the appropriate product and technology level through a series of interactive modules. The suite, which includes a new tinnitus module, is now available as an app for iOS and Android tablets.

ProSuite's Unity 3 testing and fitting system is portable, stores calibration data, and provides simultaneous binaural verification. It includes a fitting unit for audiometric and real-ear measurement, as well as a hearing instrument test box. Both units are independent and USB powered.

Providers can perform wireless fittings outside the office with ConnexxLink and Connexx software.

Siemens also introduced the Physician Outreach Program, which offers summaries of clinical data on the relationship between hearing loss and different comorbidities that hearing healthcare professionals can use to educate primary care physicians.

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Integrated features from the healthcare credit card CareCredit ( and the office management system HearingFUSION ( enable hearing healthcare practices to access program information and payment options from their desktops. From HearingFUSION, users can process CareCredit applications and transactions, and perform reporting, without reentering patient details or toggling between programs.

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The power one ( mercury-free types 13 and 312 batteries were developed for the latest generation of wireless devices and hearing aids, and for Bluetooth applications. They offer innovative cathode technology and constantly high voltage, as noted in a news release.

The power one implant plus type 13 battery was designed for hearing aids with high-power applications, like streaming.

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Starkey Hearing Technologies’ 10-part documentary series Operation Change ( airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) beginning June 23.

“In each episode we go to a different part of the world, immerse ourselves into the local community, and figure out how we can both help people improve their situation and help empower themselves,” said Starkey's Steven Sawalich, executive producer of the series, in a news release.

In Operation Change, Mr. Sawalich and Starkey Hearing Foundation cofounders Bill and Tani Austin work on sustainable projects with local organizations around the world. Mr. Austin also is founder and CEO of Starkey Hearing Technologies.

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AGX Hearing, the hearing aid brand available through Audigy Group members, began a nationwide campaign, Paint Your Masterpiece, in an effort to increase brand awareness.

As part of the campaign, Audigy launched, which provides hearing aid information and illustrated scenarios demonstrating the benefits of better hearing. The website uses original artwork by Cory Jespersen, Audigy's senior graphic designer.

The campaign also includes television, online, and print advertisements.

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