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    NIDCD, ASHA, and ATA Work to Raise Awareness

    The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders joined forces with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the American Tinnitus Association to increase hearing disorder awareness in May.

    ASHA recognized May as Better Hearing and Speech Month, their 85th annual observance of this educational effort. This year's theme was Connecting People Through Communication. ATA sponsored Tinnitus Awareness Week May 13-19, which aimed to educate the public about tinnitus. The theme was Carrying the Torch For Silence.

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    Sonus Launches Diabetes Campaign

    Sonus, a hearing aid and battery provider, contributed to Better Speech and Hearing Month by launching a public service announcement campaign about the link between hearing loss and diabetes. The connection between diabetes and hearing loss was mentioned in a 2008 study, which was backed by current research. (Ann Int Med 2008;149 [1]:1.)

    “The reality is that even the medical community is often unaware of the connection between diabetes and hearing loss,” said Michele Fusco, the senior vice president of medical operations at Amplifon. “Our goal with the PSA is to flag a common, undiagnosed problem so consumers can be proactive and ask their doctor or audiologist for a routine hearing test.” Visit www.sonus.com for more information.

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    Powerone Sponsors Children Hearing Loss Effort

    Hearing aid battery manufacturer Powerone supported the German Lions Club's project, Help for Little Ears, which provided 18,000 hearing aid batteries to help children with hearing loss. Aids were fitted by trained professionals in Boliva, Congo, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, and Belarus. Visit http://bit.ly/PowerOneProj to donate.

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    Siemens Launches Facebook Page

    Siemens Hearing Instruments launched a U.S. Facebook page in May to celebrate the annual Better Hearing and Speech Month, which raises awareness about communication disorders and promotes hearing loss treatment.

    The page provides information on hearing loss and updates on Siemens’ products and promotions for professionals and consumers in the United States. Visit http://on.fb.me/SiemensFacebook for details.

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    Audigy Hosts AGX Summit

    Audigy Group hosted its second annual AGX Technology Summit to support its private brand AGX Hearing. The two-day event in Scottsdale, AZ, brought together Starkey and Oticon. Hearing professionals participated in seminars and workshops about new devices and training. Visit www.audigygroup.com for more information.

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    Unitron Named Employer of the Year

    A crew from Lifeworks Services, a nonprofit providing services for people with disabilities, assembled 1,800 promotional pieces five years ago for Unitron's marketing department, beginning a partnership that has expanded to 136 Lifeworks clients for the Unitron workforce.

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    Lifeworks recently named Unitron Employer of the Year at its annual gala in Minneapolis. Lifeworks clients build kits, program hearing aids, prepare marketing mailings, and handle delivery, shipping, inventory, and recycling at Unitron. Learn more about Lifeworks Services at http://bit.ly/LifeworksServices.

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